Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

- I am so ready for the debate tomorrow evening! It's going to be a lot of fun to watch. I can't wait to see how Donald Trump acts. 

- It's so freaking hard for me to get down all the new vitamins I am taking. It kinda makes me sick just thinking about it. I guess that's the trick...NOT TO THINK ABOUT IT! Hopefully they will do some good. 

- I am trying to give up some of the sugar I love so much. I think it having a " bitch effect " on me. I was just snappy as ever yesterday. Not angry just not nice. Take my carbs away and I get angry....but still trying.

- I haven't gotten on the treadmill yet today and my body is aching. Walking really does loosen things up a little more. Gosh... I must be getting old for everything to pop and ache. :(

- Someone did something not so nice to one of our kids last week and we are still dealing with it. I could ring their necks but the outcome is nothing like they wanted. We win. But it's had a lasting effect I am afraid. 

- Earbuds are becoming a hot commodity in our home. I won't share my Apple ear buds because they always come back broken or even worse they get lost. I guess the boys are going to have to start taking better care of theirs.

- I keep looking for houses to move into. I am kinda conflicted. Should I stay here until I move up to Indiana again or do I move to a country house and get up north later? Idk what to do. I stay in and try to not bother the neighbors. I try to be kind to all the stray animals around here. I really don't think the neighborhood is bad but I miss a country house. I want to walk to the mail box without being seen. I want to be able to talk on the phone on my porch without being heard. Hopefully God will lead us to the right house either here or in Indiana. 

- I hate to complain but now that the air conditioning is working on the 2nd floor, its freezing all the time upstairs. I was so cold last night. I should have went and cuddled with Scott but then I would have to deal with wild kingdom in there plus his snoring. I just froze alone in bed all night. 

- I actually watched Cinderella last night. I totally want the black Persian cat in the movie and I like that the 2015 movie is not as animated. Wonder if you guys knew that Scott got down on his knee at the Disney Castle!? It was silly but it was one of the first big vacations we took before we got married. It was fun but really not my idea of a vacation. Yea...tons of kids...hot sweaty days hiking around a theme park is so overrated in my opinion. Anyway, the movie was great! 

- My phone has been blowing up with emails. Guess what? Youtube got their crap together and the comments are coming back through! Yay!! Thank you guys for all your kind words. 

- The woman in this story kinda shocked me this week. I can handle death photos but her smirk is a little too much. It's not her dead husband that bothers me...it's the kids and the mom looking freaking happy. Sorry... I try to not judge other mothers but what the hell. To me it just seems cruel rather than a public service announcement. And FYI...I could totally watch Intervention or something to see the effects....not a happy photos of mom and kids and dads funeral. *Sigh.

- I've made peace with Hilary not winning the Presidential election. I guess many people are worried about those emails. Each to their own because the email mess doesn't bother me in the least. I am starting to think it's actually going to be Donald Trump. Who knows...we'll see.

- I feel like another one of our kids is drifting further and further away. We are paying every night for them and hope before long our prayers are answered. Raising kids is one of the hardest jobs out there...and their is no one size fits all with them. Each is different and patience is required to say the least. However, I feel like I am lost in a deep rabbit hole.  [ Sorry if you don't understand but I can't really speak much about it in detail. ]

- I got up and placed a large Inkwell Press Order. It went live at 10am with all the new 2016 planners and accessories. I can't wait until they come in! If you haven't checked out their products yet you can right here. This is one of the only planners that I have used for the ENTIRE YEAR! I did try going back to the Erin Condren for a couple of days but sorry...the paper quality is so amazing. EC Planners do not compare and they cost more.

- Bindi - The Crocodile Hunters daughter - was on Dancing with the Stars last night. I totally teared up over the clip about her dad who died so tragically. She danced really good too opposed to Paula Dean. Bindi is my favorite! Erin Andrews is doing a great job too. Actually I liked the Marine guy, and I also liked watching Nick Carter dance! I am happy happy some of my favorite shows are coming back on! TV has been so bleak lately where I have wanted to cancel the cable but it's slowly getting better. :)

- Scott has been unhappy with me a little bit because I refuse to go to the movies. I am still kinda ok with the Imax but personally I don't want to die for the new Mission Impossible movie. I would rather watch it in the saftey of my own home. Scott thinks fear is only going to hold me back but I think it's going to keep us alive. Isn't it sad how things have changed? If I do go to the movies, I constantly watch the exit doors and everyone who is moving around. I feel like a sitting duck. And yes....I am scared to even send my kids to school which is so sad. 

- Carly Fiorina has been slowly moving up. I don't mind listening to her ramble on but what pisses me off is she says she is for womens rights but opposes funding to Planned Parenthood, Opposes womans maternity leave....anti choice and so much more. I think it will be so fun to watch Donald Trump tear her to pieces. She is nothing about women. And don't send me emails. It is what it is...look it up.

- Scott is home today from work. He's out mowing the grass. A silent lawn mower would be nice? Do they even make those? I guess soon I won't have to worry about it. Come October we probably won't have to mow anymore. 

- I got one of my credit cards paid off this week! I was paying for a camera I got a while ago and now that bill is gone. Yay!!

- I am thinking about signing up for a calligraphy class. It's something I have wanted to do for a while and I think it would be fun and I think it would be so nice to know how to make all those beautiful letters. Not sure though if I should do an online class or actual class. Knowing me....it will be a online class.

- My grandmother is not doing well. I wish I had the courage to try to talk to her more. I don't think she remembers me and it's so heart breaking. I think my mom is changing her travel plans over Thanksgiving to just go be with her. I am not sure if I can get it worked out with Scott to be up there over Thanksgiving and Christmas both or not but I totally understand. 

- Cooper's meds from the Vet didn't seem to help. Guess I got to call and try to get something different and probably stronger. It won't be long before we will have to carry him up the stairs every night. It's sad to see. We are trying to get the extra weight off of him which is not so easy. And we are trying a ton of things to make it better for him. 

I hope you guys are having a great Tuesday. I will be back a little later with a new video. Be sure to come back and check it out! 

K Jaggers
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  1. How could you support monsters like planned parenthood?

  2. I support what they do...and I am not talking about the abortions that are NOT FEDERALLY FUNDED. I don't like the abortions but I do like that they have helped millions of woman whom could not have gotten help otherwise.


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