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Tuesday, September 1, 2015
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Hello friends! Here is another edition of Tuesday Truths. Hope you enjoy! 

:: I can't believe just moved into September. Where has the time went? The leaves are already starting to fall around here. I wonder if that means we are going to have a serious winter? 

:: My treadmill has been acting up. I think it's time to replace it. I am thinking in the mean time walks around the neighborhood with Super Cooper will work for the time being. 

:: Miley Cyrus totally made me sick during the VMA's. What a disaster. I think that girl seriously had a mental breakdown a while back and never got help. I hated the VMA's because of her. It's so much easier to listen to her music, if I just don't have to look at her. 

:: Scott is working today since it's the end of the month. I hate his hours but I think he is taking Friday off. :)

:: I must be old because I really thought that having your baby in the hospital is best for not only the baby but mom too. Just in case something starts to go wrong. Well...here's a pregnant woman who's midwife is a dolphin. She plans on giving birth in the ocean. Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy? 

:: I actually woke up tired today. Hopefully this coffee is going to help keep me awake. I bet I could go right back to sleep if I just laid down....but too much to do. 

:: I have been throwing so much stuff out...along with donating it. It feels good to get rid of things we don't use any longer. If it has sat around for a year and no one has touched it...it's gone unless it's photos or something important. I wonder if the garbage man wonders what's going on?

:: My sister in law has been in Florida this week. Lucky lady! I feel like I should have packed up the car and met her down there!

:: Dr. Carson is moving right on up with Donald Trump. What's interesting is the two moving up are men who are not politicians. I think our country is fed up with the rat race of Washington. I think it says a lot about us and what we are tired of. 

:: Can you believe Christmas is only around 3 months away? I feel like I should start shopping now. However, I am not going crazy this year. I am focusing on the kids but I refuse to go into debt over any Christmas gift. I plan on doing some homemade gifts too. The clock is ticking!

:: I have already been talking to Scott and my mom about Thanksgiving. We are trying to figure out where we are having it and seeing if we can all get together. I didn't see mom much on the cruise and we both miss each other and wanting to try it again...with less people! Maybe...just maybe Thanksgiving in Gatlinburg Tenn. this year.

:: Someone hit my car yesterday while I was out on an appointment. It was bad but now my car does need a little body work. I am glad it wasn't worse than what it was.

:: I am thinking about starting up my membership at the YMCA again. I don't know for sure because it's a drive to get there. But there is a closer one so we'll see. I think it would be great for the entire family. And lets not forget...I have a son addicted to xbox. I seriously need to get him out more. I am actually going to start blocking off internet time and making Jackson do something else. I haven't started it yet but it's time we put up more internet limits.

:: The house is pretty clean today and there is not much on my to do list except film some videos. BTW...are you subscribed!?

:: A few people didn't like that I said there was a special place in hell for the guy who killed the journalist and camera man...and injuring another woman. Sorry...I know it's not up to me to judge but I really think they better make their peace with God. Some sins are worse than others...look it up. 

:: I haven't grilled out much this past month. Not sure why but I kinda miss it. I am actually waiting until next month to try to find a new one when they go on sale. Walmart says they will put it together for us if we buy it there. Fancy that!

:: The air conditioner is freezing me out right now. I wouldn't even have it on but Cooper was panting so I thought he needed it. Burrrrrrrrrrrr! 

:: I have pretty much been keeping to myself around here. I guess that is nothing new but I would be totally happy if I could just move. We have some specific things we are waiting on but hopefully this is the last year we will be in this house.

:: I went to the Dr. yesterday and finally got a epi pen. I really thought I wouldn't ever need it again but here's a news flash... I am highly allergic to bees, wasps, hornets....and I need to use the epi pen when stung. One would think I would already be aware of those issues but nope. It took me getting stung and having an emergency to admit that I have to take the shot. I really thought I got better as I got older and didn't need to do that anymore. I couldn't have been more wrong.

:: This woman is refusing to give marriage licenses to gay couples in Kentucky due to it being against her religion. To me, it's fine she doesn't believe in same sex marriages but she's there to do a job. Her religious issues are her's alone. I say hold her in contempt...lock her up for not following the Supreme Courts ruling and then fire her ass. If she can't or won't do her job....she needs to be replaced in a hurry. This is ridiculous and could be solved so quickly and easily.

:: The cats were going crazy around here last night. Scott was sleeping when 2 of them jumped on the bed chasing each other, ran over his face in their epic chase! And it didn't stop there.  They were flying through the house, meowing, hissing, growling...bing - bang....it was loud to say the least. 

:: Brittany Belle made all A's on her midterms. I am so proud of her. She doesn't know how to fail. She is so motivated for her age. I know she is not perfect but she sure seems to have a great head on her shoulders and she seems to be going down the right path. All I want is all the kids to do great in school and have an amazing life. I hope God is listening. ♥

Thank you guys for stopping by. I will be back a little later with a new video! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday. xx

K Jaggers
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  1. Actually all sin keeps a person from heaven. It's not greater or worse..a liar goes to hell just the same as a murderer if they are not washed in the blood of the Lamb LORD JESUS!!! The lake of fire is a very real place and never in the Bible does it say that it is made into special parts...
    I believe you are getting confused with your catholic background that does NOT get it's doctrine from the Bible.

    But I will say this God will get his vengenance on the unsaved. Jesus commands us to love even our enemies..telling a person to burn in hell isn't helping that person get saved or see that they are in need of our Saviour. We are all filthy rags what good we do could NEVER measure up to God's Glory and Power.

    And the woman at the courts office...well I don't know what she is trying to prove..she is working for the beast system and expects people who are unsaved to live by the Bible...it doesn't work that way..and she sure isn't witnessing to well...


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