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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are doing well today. I thought since we are at the beginning of a new month, I'd share a reflecting and looking back video and blog post. I love doing these videos because I have a bunch of new subscribers whom are not familiar with all my past videos, I enjoy looking back and reflecting and I hope you enjoy it too! I am going to continue to include this very in depth blog post with this video from here on out.  Here's the video and the rest is below. :)

So with this new monthly video, I am including the reflections blog post. I use to do these on their own with no video but I thought they really compliment each other. 


Seeing: Leaves fall. I can't believe it's happening already. But I have seriously seen leaves floating though the air. I have even had to sweep leaves off the porches. Seems awful soon to me. 
Making: A lot different foods to stock up the freezer. Ive made some back to school breakfast items, quick freezer dinners and snacks for when we don't have much time to cook. I'll have some freezer meals coming up for you guys soon. 
Cooking: A few nights a week at this point and eating leftovers and also eating out some too. It's nice to not be in the kitchen cooking every night. 
Drinking: Not enough water. I seriously need to take in more water and less soft drinks. 
Reading: A lot of articles online but I have settled into a new book yet. Soon though! 
Hearing: The kitty cats run like a heard of elephants on the 2nd floor. It's amazing how loud they really are. 
Wanting: To find the perfect country house or even just make the move up north and settle into a place that I love and want to be at. 
Looking: At my planner trying to figure out all the to do's for today and the rest of the week. 
Playing: A lot of Amazon instant videos. There has been nothing on the tv worth watching. It actually makes me mad that we pay so much for tv yet nothing is ever on. 
Wasting: time checking the tracking info on a package that is suppose to come in. I keep checking it over and over! Hurry up UPS man!
Bookmarking: A lot of blogs that I want to sponsor. :)
Understanding: That maybe I shouldn't say someone should burn in hell. I guess a good Christian would pray for them instead. Idk...sometimes I think it's just plain evil taking over at times. 
Wishing: upon the stars that my kids will grow up into happy healthy adults who live long lives. I want to be here to see it...and know that no matter what, they will be ok. 
Touching: My eyes....I'm super tired today. I tossed and turned all night long and didn't get much sleep last. * Yawn
Enjoying: The cooler days. I love the sun and warm weather but it's been so hot here this summer. This week though, we have had some 80 degree days! Much better!
Waiting: On a lady that is helping a family member. We have been waiting what seems like forever for good results. At this point, I am just giving it to God. It's beyond my control. ( and that's so hard for me to accept ) 
Planning: in my Erin Condren again. I love Inkwell press but just need a change. 
Liking: The car Scott picked out more than I thought I would. 
Wondering: if it's going to rain today. It sure looks like it.
Loving: Brittany getting straight A's on her midterm. She is so smart and I am amazed at how well she is doing. I love her so much. 
Hoping: I sleep better tonight. 
Hating: All the deaths coming across CNN on a daily basis. I don't get it. 
Needing: A lot more vitamin D. I was told that I am extremely low on it and it could be causing a lot of the issues I have been having. I thought I got enough sun but nope. Thank goodness for supplements. 
Smelling: a Mrs. Myers Lavender Candle that is burning right beside me. It's such a beautiful smell flowing through the living room. 
Wearing: Pj's. I actually wore my pajamas all day yesterday. I didn't feel that well yesterday and I don't feel very well today. But I do plan on changing clothes and accomplishing a few tasks around the house today. 
Pinning: not that much here lately. :(
Learning: more about myself everyday. Moving in to my 40's I certainly feel more comfortable in my own skin than ever before. 
Teaching: Jackson that he has to be nice in all regards. Otherwise if he smarts off or isn't polite he looses his internet for an hour. And that can add up. I hate how much he is online it's a win win. 
Noticing: my rings really need cleaned. 
Tasting: coffee still. And yep...I know it's after lunch time. I am just not on my normal schedule today. And that's ok.
Knowing: I need to incorporate more exercise in my day to day life. 
Thinking: tossing laundry and work on some zone cleaning would be great today to do even if I am kinda slow with it. 
Opening: my planner to see what else I should try to get done today. 
Giggling: at how cute our oldest daughter is. She is such a smart sweet kind funny woman. 
Feeling: like crap...but hopefully I can push through it today. 2 lazy days in a row is a bit much. 
August: .went by in a blink of the eye. The kids started back up at school and I have had more quiet time to myself. I like it some days and others I miss them so much. But over all it was a good month!

Feel free to join in and answer the questions yourself if you are a blogger! I would love to read your answers....leave a link in the comments so I can come visit. Have a great day! xx

K Jaggers
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