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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Good Afternoon friends! I hope your Sunday is going well. We have yet to do that much today. The boys have just been laying around and I have been in a panic to get this video edited through youtube. I was editing while in bed last night and sleepy and had a clip in with a very personal and candid discussion about someone is our lives. I wouldn't have minded if I had not cursed. I mean it is what it is. We all have had people in our families who we disagree with. But I was cursing and a few of you guys might have seen that. I am so sorry. I got right on youtube after figuring it out through the comments so a little bit of the video is cut out around the ham dinner. I totally lacked poise! But life goes on...and here is our latest video sharing what we ate in the past few days...and no more of the family gossip! :)

Thank you so much for watching. I share all of our meals with you guys. Not just the meals that I cook. We are a real family and we like eating out a lot and we like ordering in sometimes. Again I am sorry for the private call being included and if anything I said bothered you I truly am apologize. I'm going to work harder on not cursing! If you have any questions or comments about anything you saw in the video be sure to let me know! xx
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