Sunday Inspiration ♥

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hello friends. ♥ I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. It's been a while since I have got a Sunday Inspiration blog post up but today I finally have the time to share a new post. 

Life around here has been incredibly busy which in a way has been good. Something happened to me coming back from vacation that just left me feeling so heavy. I couldn't really put it into words. Maybe it was a sort of depression...not really sure but the weight of the world seemed to be sitting on my least that's the way it felt. 

- Vacation seemed, well....not as good as I thought it would be. It seemed a little too familiar and just not that enjoyable. 
 - Scott came home to go back to working insane hours which only made things worse. 
- We also came home to no kids. And I didn't realize how painful that would be. 
- We also have a child that desperately needs us but there are so many hoops to jump through and if we stumble just once, it could be over. It's very stressful and scary.
- Every since the landlord pulled her stunt a few months back ago, our home has felt more temporary than anything else. I just want to move. But we have to handle things with one of the kids before making any kind of move. Plus I don't feel like I have any privacy in this neighborhood. 
- I miss my grandfather and wish more than anything his son ( my father ) would change to be the dad I need. Sadly, I buried my grandfather and that's the day my dad died. 
- I feel so behind with the work I do online from answering emails, comments, blog post, videos...the list is endless. 
- My body feels like it's getting weaker and older everyday. 
- We have 2 daughters in Indiana whom we miss very much. So much so, I want to just move there now. Again...we have all the children to consider and now is not the time for the move. 
- The house is never as clean or as organized as I wish it was. I seem to work all the time around here and it's never clean for long. It totally gets exhausting. 
- I love the sun but it's been so hot fresh air is a complete luxury when the sunsets. That's when I can finally turn the air off and open the big sliding glass door in the living room and open the windows.
- My son in law has made me angry as hell but we still love him.
- We just had to buy another car. I was not happy signing my name to those papers. The dealership that Scott works for is taking the cars from the Managers because 2 cars got wrecked. Thanks a lot. 
- Some people online say the nastiest of things about me and our family. Most of it is just plain out lies and the rest is opinions of nasty people. 
- My mom is at a family funeral in Indiana. The man we lost was a wonderful caring person. I'm glad she's there. Indiana will always be home for both of us rather we want it that way or not. And I haven't talked much to mom.. I miss her too.

I mean life can be messy can't it? I have figured something out though. It's easy to hold on to what is familiar. It's not easy to walk in faith. Many of us, myself included has forgot about what faith can bring you. It can simply bring you peace of mind. It takes us being courageous enough to let go of the worry and the hurt to let go and move forward in faith. I know some pain is so real and probably would take a lifetime to overtime but put your pain and problems to God and have faith that you will be ok. I pray every night and each day is a fresh start for all of us. God’s power is greater than any problems you might have or mistakes you have made.

Since I have decided that I am not going to let the the hard parts of life steal my happiness. I am not going to let my marriage crumble or my kids fail because of obstacles. I am putting my faith in God and his plan for our family. We love each other and we trust that God will bring us through it all to a better place. And I believe that for you too.