Review & Giveaway | Midori Travelers Notebooks | Passport Size & Standard

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hello friends! It's no secret I love planners, paper, notebooks but rarely to I find one that I think is possible to 1. Find one that will get better with time. 2. Be so simple yet beautiful. With all the wonderful planner enthusiasts on Instagram, I found out about the Midori Travelers Notebooks. To say there is a cult following with these notebooks would be the understatement of the year. I couldn't just keep looking at pictures, I had to get a couple myself. The video shows you explains how to get entered in the giveaway! Yep!! I am sharing a couple of these with you too! There are many more pictures, information and the giveaway form below. 

Midori is the company that makes these beautiful Notebooks.  They sell several kinds of notebooks and stationery products, but are most known internationally for their Traveler’s Notebook. The company and products are from Japan, and they really pride themselves on high quality writing products and tools.

The Traveler’s notebook is referred to as a “life notebook”. It can  customized to suit your lifestyle and work habits. There is no set up guide. There is no one way to use these notebooks. Some use them for travels, some for daily planners and or journals. The possibilities are endless. It's like the most simple Filofax, with the chunky metal binder and 

It’s like a more rugged, minimalist relative of the Filofax, without the clunky metal binder and the fuss of finding the right inserts. And I personally don't even think the Filofax matches in beauty with the Midori Travelers Notebook. 

Basically the Midori  Travelers Notebooks have soft leather covers that is filled with inserts slipped into elastic strings. The notebook inserts come in lined, grid, and blank versions, as well as different types of paper: craft, sketch, and lightweight. There are also planner inserts that are blank ones for year, month, week, and day, as well as pre-dated ones. They also have a variety of different inserts such as credit card inserts, craft folder inserts, pocket stickers you can put  right onto the leather interior, and plastic pouches to hold loose stationery supplies and travel material or anything else that suits you. There is nothing that you can't do with one of these Notebooks. They come in 2 sizes. The standard size and the passport. And you know I had to order both! 

Once they got here, I had to decide how to put each to use. There was no way I was just going to review these and put them on a shelf. No how! I decided to use my passport size as a wallet. A planning wallet!!! Have you ever heard of such!? Well, it's the perfect size and I started figuring out which inserts I would want. 

As you saw in the video, I have a total of 5 inserts and then I secured a card insert on the front inside cover. I decided to have my card holder at the very front. I use my debit/credit cards much more than I do cash, so I thought that would be perfect. In this area I also keep my id. On the back of that first insert, I have my reward cards for the stores I shop at the most. The next insert is the pocket folder where I do keep a little cash and change. Next up, I have a cardboard file folder that holds receipts that I either need to return something or receipts to file. In the middle, I have 2 notebooks. PERFECT FOR A PLANNER! The first insert is the grid notebook where I keep random notes, grocery list, bills to pay...lots of different little notes. And the second notebook, is the lined notebook, which is also just for random notes. Then the front inserts start up in the back again because they through the notebook having a insert on both the front and back sides. So there is another file folder with business cards and such, another card file where I keep my insurance cards and other cards that I don't use daily but still need. And then finally there is the zipper pouch where I keep appointment cards that I need to transfer to the family calendar. On the very back cover, I have the Madori Pen holder that really should be a little bigger but it works perfect for a thin pen or pencil.

Now here is the larger sized Midori Travelers Notebook:

This is basically the same as the passport size only larger. I had a lot of ideas for what this notebook could be used for. I thought about using it as a personal diary, a regular day to day planner, a fitness notebook....but I finally settled for it being used as my blog and youtube planner. And it's so easy to swap it out anytime you want to change it up. You can simply order some new inserts and change it how ever you want.

I don't have as much in this notebook. Instead, I have just the minimal inserts that I need. I have some of the card slots that you can affix to the inside cover where I keep additional supplies. I have the blank calendar in the middle and then I have the lined notebook insert next. I have the zipper pouch in the back and that is it. Very simple. Very minimal. and in my opinion..very classic. 

The inserts that you can find, secure in with a large band. You secure the inserts together with a rubberband and then slide them under the larger band in the middle of the notebook. It's not that complicated and it makes these notebooks, lifetime notebooks that become better with age. The cover is a soft leather and has that leather smell that I love. But over time the cover will get worn with age, there will be scratches, and it will become more yours over the journey you have with it. These notebooks will last for years. You can change it out as many times as you want or you can just buy additional inserts and switch it out anytime you want. can just enter my giveaway and maybe win one for yourself! Here's how to get entered! 

What you will get is:  2 different winners will get one of the Midori Travel Notebooks in whichever size preferred. This giveaway is open to everyone but you must be 18 years or older to enter. This giveaway is going to go on until Tuesday September 08, 2015. I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to watch and get entered. Good Luck! 

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I am by no means a Midori expert. I am just someone who is a huge fan and hopefully this review/giveaway helped you figure out if Midori is a good fit for you. If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you! xx