Huge Bare Minerals Haul! | Video |

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hello friends! I love makeup as many of you guys know. I had so much that I was giving it away to make room for new makeup. What that made me realize is I was really never truly happy with many of the products. Back in college I tried Bare Minerals and just found it too messy at the time for my day to day life. Fast forward to a year ago when I decided to try it out again and now I am in total love. This makeup that I am about to share with you has done wonders for not only my makeup collection but more importantly my skin. The mineral makeup not only looks great on but over time improves your skin. Plus I am not buying as much makeup because I have found a brand..not just a particular foundation or blush but an entire brand that I couldn't be more happy with. Here's my new Bare Minerals haul sharing some old products that I have re purchased and love along with a lot of new items that I love. :) Here they are...hope you enjoy!

How's your Thursday going? I hope you guys enjoyed the haul Anyway, lots to do today. School is starting on Monday and I have to get all of Jackson's stuff ready and get him back on a regular sleep routine with earlier dinners and so on. I'll have some back to school prep videos coming up very soon! Stay tuned! xx