Change is Good ♥

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hello everyone. I hope your having a wonderful day. Around here it's been raining a lot and I have been inside at the desk ( ha! I bet you can already tell that !) working online and changing things up. Every once in a while I get a bug up my butt to change things up.  I have been tired of the bright bulky template I once had. It was just time for a change. I also kinda feel like I am in a blogging slump of sorts but really it's just been real life getting in the way of me sitting here at the computer most days. And maybe with this new design, it will pep me up to get on here a little more. I am always posting my new videos but there is so much more that I want to write about. I need more time! A lot of times a blog posts take me an entire day to write due to all of the interruptions and distractions that seem to happen when I start typing. :) 

I hope you are enjoying the new design. I don't understand the entire rebranding thing that so many people do. For me, I kept the address of this blog " neutral " and can basically change the design and even blog name without having to move to a new domain. I installed the template and made all the changes myself. Besides a few little bugs, I think everything is running great! Let me know if you have any issues or problems. I thought it looked sleek and fresh and I really love it. By next week I hope to be back on a better blog/youtube schedule. It's just been crazy around here with it being the first back to school week for us. I really need to go shopping and that might end up happening tonight. I feel behind on everything but I promise I am working hard to change it.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you guys an update and share the new design with you! I'll see ya soon. xx
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