Week in Review: Day in the Life Vlog July 13-20, 2015

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great start to your week. I am still tired a bit but I have a busy day ahead of me so hopefully the coffee starts working fast. :) Normally I put up a big week in review but today is a bit different. I don't have a ton of time so it's going to be a bit shorter. Here's the latest day in the life vlog....from last week. Hope you enjoy! 

Here's a little more about our week:

Starting off last week, it was not that exciting. I did a ton of online work trying to not only get caught up but also trying to get a few things done ahead of Brittany coming to visit. I consider this blog and my youtube channel a part time job of sorts so to take off, I feel like I have to get as much done as possible to get things done ahead of time. It was a lot of time at the house and at the desk. Not too much fun! 

I did get a little shopping done at the beginning of the week. Scott and I have been eating a few more adult type dinners since we have been kid free. We normally are eating more kid meals with cheeseburgers, pizza and dinners that Jackson likes. However, it's been cheese plates, scallops....you know, meals the kids just don't care for. Not many kids around the house this summer has actually saved us a little bit of money grocery wise. It been kind strange seeing the price of the grocery bill for just Scott and I compared to when the kids are here with us. It's crazy what the difference is. But school is around the corner and that bill will shoot right back up again! But it's been interesting to see the difference in our food bill. :)

Most of the week was pretty calm around here. Scott worked a ton and I worked around the house trying to get things cleaned up and ready for Brittany Belle coming to visit. I wouldn't say I got things completely done but who cares. It's never going to be perfect around here but I got Jackson's room cleaned up ( a big job ) that she could use. I was going to put her in the spare room but the tv is big in Jackson's room and that way we don't mess up the spare bedroom and make more messes for me to clean up! :) 

Saturday started off normal but really ended with a bang. One of our other kids were having a very hard night and it was so hard to listen to. It was heartbreaking and hard to get things calmed down. It's really hard not being close to all of them. I would love to just get all of our kids, move them close to us and I won't have to worry as much. I was up super late and had to be up Sunday super early to get Brittany. Needless to say, Saturday and Sunday both, turned out to be mostly about the kids. I was so tired when I fell asleep only to be woke up 3 hours later at 5:30am by my exhusband. He was my wake up call since he wanted to leave so early. It was so hard pulling my butt out of bed but I did and Scott drove us to pick up Brittany. 

Look at who else was tired. She was up late and only got a few hours of sleep herself. While we were driving I fell to sleep first and then woke up to find Brittany sleeping peacefully. About the picture, I didn't realize she had come out of her seatbelt to sleep. She had it on when I dozed off and even after waking up and taking the picture, I didn't notice it. But I did once I got home and we had a loooong talk about it. I about died. We were driving fast down a highway and she took it off to sleep. Anything could have happened...and next time I see this happening the phone is gone for a week. I slept in the seat belt and know it's uncomfortable but it is what it is...and Brittany better figure that out fast before she gets into trouble! 

I was a zombie once we got home. I was tired and had to muddle through because I didn't want to waste a minute of time with Brittany. I started feeling a little better after I had a early evening shower and made dinner. It was so nice sitting here talking to Brittany about her friends, school and so much more. She is growing up on me faster than any of the others it seems. I really couldn't be more proud. She is a good person with a big heart, a good student, a funny girl who is showing me life from her point of view. Our kids are seriously the best part of us. Scott's children are just as much mine and vice versa. Our blended family is not the dream I had; it's so much better. Laura and Zane are amazing kids and they all make our lives better. Because of them, I am totally blessed. Today though, might not seem like the blessing while I am taking Brittany school shopping! We don't totally agree on clothes but it will be interesting to say the least. I have to actually get moving with this blog post because she wants me cleaned up and ready by 2pm. Ha! Look at her with the schedule. Maybe she is her mothers daughter. ♥

Here's a few to do's for this week:

- Get hotel for mid week vacation. 
- Check PO Box
- Pay Bills
- Brush out cats
- Call and make appointments for Jackson...Pre School. 
- Dump Photos from phone. 
- Make lots of memories with Brittany this week. 
- Do laundry in the evenings...to make sure it doesn't pile up. 
- Water the plants
- Clean up closet in master bedroom....its a mess. 
- Call down south and report updates
- Make time read...maybe while laying on beach in Lake Lure. 
- Speaking of the beach...better try to assemble big umbrella here at home for the first time. It's cool as can be, and perfect for the beach. 
- Check registration dates for Jackson. 
- Clean out frig...probably some science experiments going on in there.

Some inspiration for your week:

Thanks for stopping by. I am going to have a busy week ahead of me. I have lots to do with Brittany today and tomorrow...and then Wednesday we are leaving for a little mini vacation..just us girls! Scott would love to go, but he doesn't have that kind of vacation time so he's staying home and taking care of things here and we are going to go play! I will be vlogging.. and promise to have them up next week sometime!  Let me know how things have been going...I'd love to hear from you. ♥  If you are new here, get subscribed!