Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Hello friends. Happy Tuesday to you all. I hope your day is going well! I am back with another edition of Tuesday Truths...hope you enjoy. 

:: I'm totally sleepy today. One would think I would eventually wake up. More coffee I guess. 

:: Scott and I made it through dinner with no issues last night. It was much needed relief and the sushi was really good too. :)

:: I actually got my nails painted last night. Thank goodness for the insta-dry polishes. I never seem to hold still long enough for them to dry. I just hate the chipping. We'll see how many days I get through with no chips. I doubt it will be very long. 

:: I've had a headache the last couple of nights. They haven't started until the late evening and last until bed. I don't know what the hell is going on and I hope it stops. I hate giving myself shots. I have injections to take to help but giving myself a shot is next to impossible. But when it gets bad enough...I do want the help.

:: I have a video uploaded with a giveaway and just need to get the blog post done. Come back and visit to get check it out and get entered.

:: I am starting to like Donald Trump. AND....I am starting to think he is a plant from the Democrats to smear the Republican party. Ha!! It's working! That man is such a mess but hes fun to watch and I love him tearing up his other party members. Goooooooo Donald.....represent your party!!!!

:: I told you guys about the Love the Home you Have. It is written so sweet and I have totally been enjoying it. :) It doesn't feel as cold as the Kon Marie Method and more homey in a sense. Get it... I am betting you will love it. 

:: Thank you for all the comments on yesterdays vlog. I wasn't sure to leave in the part where I am upset but I think if I am going to share our lives with you, its best to be honest and not try to convince you that our life is perfect. It's totally not and we are just learning and growing everyday by our decisions, by our mistakes and with God's help....we get learn as we go and do better. 

:: I've been back at the house so much I have barely seen any of the neighbors. I haven't heard much either. I am thankful that we are either at the back of the house most of the time or upstairs. We do kinda live in our world here. 

:: I am not sure the Iran deal is a good thing. I am not sure they will follow anything and do anything they are suppose to do. Iran is super dangerous....and Israel is flipping out and rightfully so.

:: I have a ton of emails to catch up on... comments too. Please don't think because you don't get a reply right away that I don't care or haven't read them. I have. I read every email and comment as they come in. Making time to sit down without distractions to answer them is a challenge within itself. I'll be caught up by the end of the week! ( I hope )

:: Speaking of comments, thank you guys for your concern over my emotional night in my last vlog. You guys are so sweet, kind and loving. Your advice is amazing and I just want you to know that I am pushing on to a new day and trying to perk myself up. There is no time in my life to lay around and cry. I have kids to raise and a house to take care of. There is no time to sit around and be sad. Needless to say....I am trying to perk myself up. :)

:: I think I am going to make some chocolate pudding today. Sounds yummy.

:: It's been raining here since yesterday afternoon. I don't really mind either. It's been so hot here that a little rain is good for everything. Last night it go so bad that there were tree limbs flying off the trees. The branch that had my bird feeder snapped and broke...and on the way to dinner last night there huge trees down. Today it's been pretty calm but raining. I actually woke up to the sound of the thunder.

:: Whoopie Goldberg cleaned up her act about Bill Cosby on The View finally. It's about time. So many woman with such similar accounts. And then he admits to drugging women for sex in a deposition. I was shocked she was going along with that and glad she is cleaning it up. I'm sorry...I just don't think that many woman would have the same lie. Nope. The man is more than guilty and most of us don't need the court to help us figure that out. A friend dropped me an email ( that I still need to respond to! ) saying she didn't care for me saying that in this country you are guilty until proved innocence. In a way, I feel that's how it is now days. But public opinion matters too. Bill Cosby is dead in the water and it's so sad.

:: I am trying to find a way to really organize my planner stickers. I bought something that is working out but it's not exactly what I want....but it will do.

:: Time for another cup of coffee and then it's time to answer some emails. Thank you guys for stopping by. I should have a new video and giveaway up in just a bit. Come back and get entered! Happy Tuesday!