Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Hello friends! I hope your Tuesday night is going well. I am back with another edition of Tuesday Truths...even though it's a bit later into the night. Hope you enjoy! 

:: At this point, I am pretty tired. I did a lot today and my body is paying the price for it. :/ I am a little bit grumpy too. Maybe a hot bath and bed will do me good. 

:: Scott spent the morning having a required evaluation done and then he spent the majority of the afternoon on the golf course. I wasn't too crazy about him being gone all day but it did allow me to get a lot more checked off my to do list. He said he played really well!

:: I think Gabby, one of our kitty cats has something going on with her. She is hungry ALL the time, eats a lot...gains no weight. I googled it and the 3 top reasons for those symptoms are diabetes, thyroid problems or tape worms. I think its time to get her to the Vet and figure out what the problem is. 

:: My online stalker is back at it. I am so sick of their bullshit. There comes a time when you have to deal with your own problems and stop taking them out on other people. What makes it even more sad is the fact, I know who they are. It does me no good though, unless I want to file charges. God knows I don't want that mess. So I will just let them have it and I will put them in my prayers. Their issues are not my issues. 

:: I really need to get a quality pair of earbuds. I tend to by the cheap ones and they never never last. They break...one ear goes out. I am sick of it. Time for a upgrade. 

:: I love The View even with the lack luster shows. However, Whoopie Goldburg sticking up for Bill Cosby today make me a little sick. Really.....why would so many women come forward with basically the same story. COME ON. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and waddles like a duck...its a freaking duck. Even after some sealed records were released today where Cosby admits in his own words he drugged women for sex. I say → figure out a way to prosecute him and let him try to prove his innocence. ← like everyone else. The problem will be he won't be able to prove it. 

:: I need to find a polish that truly does not chip....wish me luck. It never lasts on me, which is why I rarely paint my nails. 

:: My hair has been such a challenge here lately. Scott wanted it darker, so I gave it my best try. Only after seeing myself in a video did I make the decision to get some highlights in it today. And I am so happy I did! 

:: I love the flip screen clock on my computer. After one minute of idle time on my computer it pops up. If you love it too...you can get it right here! 

:: I have been using a new blog and youtube checklist and it has really really been helping. Thank goodness because I always feel behind!

:: Even though I am doing better at blog and youtube work, I am still struggling with planners. I keep trying to change planners but something is just keeping me in my Inkwell Press Planner. Idk...maybe I am not suppose to change!

:: Paula Dean is back at it. Hasn't she learned anything from all the trouble with her being raciest. Well...here we go again. What in idiot. And I don't care who gets the blame. She said yes and its seriously all on her. 

:: I seriously need to get on the treadmill. I think I will try to start up a fresh new routine next week.....or who knows maybe I will get on it tomorrow. I want to start doing lots of cardio to try to drop some weight. Wish me luck. 

:: I am so thankful for everyone of you that has came to my blog, watched my videos, comments, emailed...and the list goes on and on. I am such a blessed woman and I couldn't imagine being in this big world without you guys. Hope you have a great night. xx