June & July 2015 Planner Addict Box & a Gift | Video |

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hello friends. I hope your day is going well. I know I am kinda late in the posting schedule right now. I was just tired late last night and didn't feel like getting the blog post up...and sense there is gifts included, a blog post had to go live at the same time. Sorry for the delay. 

So I am sharing July's Planner Addict Box with all you planner loves. This is a fun monthly subscription ( sign up here ) where you get a box full of fun planner supplies for $15 a month. Its great for us who love decorating our planners. Here's what came in July's box....hope you enjoy!

Also for some funny reason I can't find my June Planner Addict Box blog post. Ha! I guess I just didn't get around to posting it. In case you haven't checked out what came in it, here's the video. Don't hesitate to watch older videos of this monthly subscription because you can still go to their online store where you can purchase many of the things you see in the videos!

On to the gifts....

Since I love this monthly subscription, I thought I would gift 2 of you guys a planner addict box! This is a simple giveaway with lots of ways to enter. I will announce the winners August 1, 2015 and you should have your box by the 15th of the month! You have to use the rafflecopter system to get entered. You don't have a facebook page but you do have to at least use your email to get entered. This is open to everyone...internationally so get entered. Good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So how do you like the supplies that came in the box!? I loved everything and I can't wait to share next months box with you guys! Let me know if sign up and if you got the same things or something different! If you are new here, I would love it if you took a few minutes to say hello and get subscribed! xx