Friday Letters ♥

Friday, July 17, 2015

Hello friends. I hope your evening is going well. Here's another edition of Friday Letters.....hope you enjoy.

Dear God, Thank you for making the harder days easier. I am trying to follow the path you are leading me on with least resistance. Thank you for always listening. Dear Brittany, I can't believe you will be here in a few days. I just know we are going to have a wonderful little adventure. I love you. Dear House, with no kids around, it's been easier to keep you clean. However, that's all about to change with a new school year. Dear Romeo, we can still see you hiding under the blankets when your butt and tail is hanging out. Dear Sunset, you were so beautiful tonight. I just sat on the back porch and watched you slowly come down. Amazing. Dear Mom, I will try to get the pictures to you as soon as I can. I love and miss you. Dear Jackson, I hope your summer has been great. We have missed you and so ready for you to come home. Dear Trina, thanks for always being there. I couldn't imagine life without you. Dear Car, I seriously need to clean you tomorrow. Dear Neighbors, it really makes my day when I don't see any of you. Please don't take it personal...I just like to keep to myself. Living in the back of the house has really paid off. Not too much excitement going on in the back and for that I am thankful. Dear Laci, Congratulations for doing so well at work...I'm proud of you. Dear Scott, I love you but you could please stop making the coffee so strong in the mornings!? It's killing me and by my 2nd cup I have caffeine shakes. Dear TV, you are so disappointing right now. Something new has to come on soon....please. Dear Wind, you have been so strong here lately. Tree limbs are all over the place.  Dear Laura, I think of you a lot. We as a family are here for you and we love you with all of our hearts. Dear Marines, I am so sorry for what happened to you. Our country is not safe....things have totally changed. May you rest in peace. Dear Cooper, it's sad watching you run around and look for Scott. Hopefully soon. Dear Shanna, I am so glad your new home is amazing. I have been waiting years for you to move. Can't wait to come visit! Dear Flowers, the heat is seriously killing all of you. All that money wasted. :( Dear Hair, I am still not happy with you. Not even a little bit. I think you need to be a different color and you need cut. But it's going to be a couple weeks. Hopefully I won't grab the scissors and go for it but you never know. Dear Blog/Youtube Friends, thank you for being the most amazing supportive friends ever. I love you guys and I appreciate everyone of you. I hope you have a great weekend. Around 12am I will have a new video and blog post up because there is a giveaway included. Come back if your up and check it out! 

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