DITL Vlog: Back to School Shopping, Piercings & a Exhausted Mom! | July 20, 2015 |

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Late night hello to you all...or good morning! I haven't had a lot of extra time here lately so I have do let my blog post go live whenever. Anyway, I am back sharing Monday with you guys in this new day in the life vlog! There is a lot of shopping, outfit try on's, piercings and so much more. You'll see I started out doing pretty good and ended exhausted! Hope you enjoy! 

It was a fun exhausting day. My 13 year old daughter runs circles around me! She's not here all the time so I am trying to pack as much into one day as possible...and we sure did! I understand if this is not your kind of vlog but we had fun and wanted to share it with you guys! :) 

We are now in Ashville on night one of our girls only adventure at Biltmore. Scott is holding the fort down for a couple of days and tending to all the animals and we are getting in a little more summer fun. Be sure to subscribe on instagram for daily updated pictures. ( The link is below! :)