The Ship has Sailed! 2015 Carnival Cruise DITL Vlog: June 22 - 23, 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hello friends! I am happy to report we are back on land. :) Currently I am in the car heading home and very thankful for the wifi in here. It's amazing to be able to work on my laptop while Scott drives us home. Yesterday we were just too tired to drive all the way up so we stopped and got some rest. At this point we only have a couple of hours to go. And I am so excited to see all the animals! Our housesitter said they were all doing great though. So I am back sharing a new Day in the Life Vlog from the first couple of days of our vacation! We had a very large group and I don't think I have a picture of us all other, even the one above doesn't have everyone in our party. Also the camera is a bit shaky...sorry in advance but the boat was a little rocky at times! Hope you enjoy.

I will be putting up a vlog each day sharing our vacation with our family. :) I also have a bunch of new travel series videos that will be popping up in between the vlogs. The idea is to get caught up as fast as possible. Thank you for coming along with us. I have missed talking to you guys! Feel free to let me know how your week was! ♥

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