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Sunday, June 7, 2015
Hello and happy Sunday to you all. It has been such a messed up life here lately for us. I mean really it hasn't except in one regard. The house. We had to get it all ready for this inspection. I wanted to make the best impression, just like when company is coming..and we worked so hard on that only to have our landlord try to pull a fast one for more money right after. O-well. I understand what happened now and I guess I would rather pay her more than do a big move when we have so much going on with our kids and family. There have been days of complete joy followed by complete panic the following day. We just don't want to mess up with all the things going on down south. We are far from a perfect family but we really didn't deserve to be treated so harshly. I think it was one of those lessons that I had to get a refresher on. If you don't have a lease, you are homeless. Plain and simple. I should have learned this in my 20's but we had been here for years, paid our rent, took good care of the house, and I thought we were ok. The world is filled with all sorts of people who set out to defeat us. It actually worked for about 24 hours. I was not understanding what was happening, and I was panicked. Scott did stay calm and cool and even managed to work out paying more or something ( I still don't really get it ) just so we wouldn't have to move during such a busy time. I thought he was crazy but what I think happened is God heard our prayers, Your prayers, our neighbors prayers along with Scott,  took care of us. I feel actually feel lied to, taken advantage of, and hurt by the landlords actions. But I have to work through that so I can put this behind me and go on with our vacation and all the stuff we have to do down south. This is not the time for things to go off plan. So we gave in and that's ok. Maybe she reads the blog and knows that and jumped right on it. Not really sure but is has been traumatizing to say the least. 

So we are forging on and moving on to a better week. Let me tell you, I burned up the pages in my journal and planner trying to figure this out but somethings in life happen regardless of schedules. However, God is the strongest force that can change everything, and I am trusting in him to get us through it all. And I am so amazed by how truly smart, loving and caring you guys have been. Your comments have been so well spoken and helpful to both Scott and myself. Thank you. I hope you have a great weekend and maybe I'll be back later tonight with a new video. 

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