Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Hello friends! I hope your Tuesday is going well. Here is another edition of Tuesday Truths...Hope you enjoy.

* Here lately I have been surrounded by the most taxing know it all's. No joke. I don't get it. So many act as if they know everything when in reality they are still learning like the rest of us. Don't presume to know everything...you are not google and google will in fact make a fool of you.

* Our youngest will be 13 years old this year. Speaking of know it alls....yikes all teenagers might give us a run for our money. We are dealing with privacy and boundaries right now...just teaching kids their are limits.

* This is one of the guys in Rand Paul's camp licking a camera. That's who I want in the white house. NOT. You know they take their own people with them... Yea..no thanks. Not now...Not ever will Rand Paul get my vote. Not on a bet. I am sorry Kentucky for this joker. You deserve better.

* I hurt my knee Sunday tubing down green river and it felt better in the cold water than what it has since we got home. It cut up and the skin feels like it is so tight and stretching. No treadmill for a few days. Gotta heal up first.

* American Idol is off after one more season. I think it's time. I love it but I have the singers on the Voice this year sound so much better. Idk..it will be missed but I don't mind less tv. There are so many days when I don't even have it on and I love it. I don't mind the silence.

* Our Golden Retriever is looking pretty old. He's 7 and had grey doggie hair now. It's actually so sad to see him struggling to get up and having health problems...He won't be here forever and it's not just going to be hard on Scott. It's going to be hard on all of us. He's family.

* My ex husband really wants me to consider moving back up to Indiana. He thinks it would be best for the kids. He's right. I hate it there but he was to quick to remind me....it's not just about me. So I need to really think about that. Idk. I don't want to live there but being where both kids could have Scott and I along with my ex husband wouldn't be a bad idea. It's so confusing. I am sure in time we will figure it all out. I'm scared I will get there...and the kids will be so busy I will never see them and be stuck in a place I worked so hard to stay away from. My ex husband is from Florida and somehow it sucked him right in. How...I have no idea??

* George Zimmerman was involved in yet another shooting. This time he was being shot at. After what he did to Trayvon Martin hes lucky to be not in jail but you know... everyone's bill comes due sooner or later. I don't support murder at all but it seems like he might have it coming. I hate our kids dying.

* I have no idea why are cats are still meowing like they are in heat sometimes. They are all fixed but that hasn't changed the meowing. Its slowed down but I actually think they are doing it on purpose to wake me up and feed them can food. Dry is always available so it has to be something about the can food.

* Scott and I are recording a video together today. Hopefully we don't mess it up too much! :)

* We had heavy rains last night and the internet went out....AGAIN. I called and complained and they gave me 2 free movies to enjoy and said they could give me a free movie every time that happens. Thankfully the rain slowed down and things got working again before I actually fell to sleep. It is getting annoying though.

* I still need to hook up my phone through the speakers of my new car. Hey...maybe Scott can do it for me today!

* I was suppose to have a new kitchen screen in my window at this point. Some how my husband messed it up and now I have to wait another 2 weeks...which doesn't make me happy one bit. And he's the one that broke it. I guess when you want something done right, doing it yourself is the only way.

* Casey Anthony is roaming the streets again. Oh yea...she is out and about. Talk about getting away with murder. I guess she is trying to live up to that tattoo she got AFTER her child was found dead.....which was " Living the Good Life. " She's not on death row so I suppose it's the good life for her.

*All night my knee rubbed the blankets and irrated me so much. I ended up tossing my leg above the covers and just let it be cold all night. I guess I am going to have to bandage it up. My clothes rub against it too which is so irritating.

* I wish people would stop telling me I need to change. Ummmm....NO I don't. You can learn all about me right here...and I am who I am and I don't feel the need to change my inner self to suit someone else. Yea..it's not going to happen. The older I get, the more secure I feel in myself.

* Sandra Lee, a chef I use to watch on the food network was diagnosed with breast cancer and her appearance on GMA today brought tears to my eyes. She looked so vulnerable and frail. It was so heart breaking. Lets hope she has a speedy recovery.

* Tiger Woods is back in the news with more cheating. Who would have guessed he would be such a womanizer. I use to love him but after all that drama last time, it kinda changed my opinion of him. And it's happening again. Go figure. He just needs to stay single.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I am going to be home today with Scott and try to get a few things done around the house. I have a new planner video coming up in a bit so come back and check it out! Have a great Tuesday!