Tuesday Truths ♥

Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Happy Tuesday friends! I hope you are having a wonderful evening. It's been a long busy day around here but I thought before the clock strikes midnight, I would get Tuesday Truths up. Hope you enjoy!

:: I really miss breeding kittens. It was such a wonderful experience. There was nothing like having a houseful of bouncing fun kitty cats. After years of doing it, we finally stopped but I am really wanting a kitten. We certainly don't need it and probably would get a puppy first anyway, but I dream of cute cuddly kittens. 

:: I hate.....really hate the new hours at the dealership. I understand it's not his decision but it's hard not to complain. Apparently they are an evening store. Great.

:: I have no idea why it is so hard for me to sit aside time to paint my nails. So much for doing them myself. I seriously need to schedule and main and pedi. I seem to mess them up before they ever have a chance of drying.

:: I am totally loving #crazyjewishmom on instagram. She is hilarious and reading all the texts she sends to her daughter always gives me the case of the giggles! My mom is not so different!

:: I tried to crazy glue glass together....like the handy woman I am. It totally failed and I ended up with crazy glue all over my fingers and palms. Yea.....just what I wanted to happen.

:: I need to get a package together for Louisiana. Lots of papers and stuff to send. I also need to get all the giveaway prizes packaged up and mailed. Looks like a run to the post office later this week.

:: I wonder when my new social security card will come in. I know it was just a few days ago but it would be so nice if it just showed up! Once that happens, I am heading back to the DMV. What a process!

:: I bought a movie last night that totally sucked. I hate wasting money...especially for a bad movie. Maybe I can call Charter and get a refund.

:: I was busy washing windows yesterday and my shoulders are paying the price for it today. Since breaking both in 2000 it's impossible to have them above my head for very long. Hopefully some Advil will fix me up.

:: I'm scared of the bees outside. They just keep buzzing around and they upset the dog too. Maybe I am going to have to find a way to get them not to come around without killing them. The bee population is very very important but there has been many times when getting stung has sent me to the ER. Now I just take a huge amount of allergy medicine and get through it... but you never know when that won't work. So its shoes on...and prevention.

:: I have been on the hunt for the perfect vacation notebook and travel book. If you have any suggestions be sure to let me know. I  need to get a notebook of things to do before the cruise in June and I also want a travel book to take on the boat with us to journal in and such. I thought it would be a great souvenir.

:: Scott is home today. Thankfully they are at least letting them have their day off. We were both a bit grumpy last night but we managed to laugh it off and go to bed not angry with each other. :)

:: I am mostly caught up on emails. I will be sending out emails to giveaway winners tomorrow....or respond to already sent emails. It feels soooooooooo good to be in control of my crazy inbox.

:: It's beautiful here. I think I am going to have to buy a hammock. I am sure it will be relaxing and very much used. Speaking of items we have to buy...a new grill. I insisted on not getting a new and our 5 year old charcoal grill fell apart while I was cooking dinner. It was crazy. Now it's out in the fire pit area...with the lid still and I might get more years out of it! Yea...Scott was not happy.

:: It was a busy day around here. Scott has worked in the yard all day and I worked in the house. I did a ton of laundry...cleaned up the 2nd floor and mopped the kitchen. Then I made a big dinner and now I am ready to fall over.

:: My best friend is moving out of her house and I couldn't be happier. She is in a older house and next door is basically a farm in the city causing major problems. I have been wanting her to move for years....and I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy she is finally doing it! I am going to figure out an amazing housewarming gift and send it up there to her.

:: I hate how coffee stains your teeth. I looove coffee but I hate whitening. Maybe I should start drinking it out of a straw. And BTW. I saw some Cuban coffee on  Anthony Bourdain. It looked and sounded amazing....so I might have to try to make it. It's getting late...and I shouldn't have one but

:: We have a large hot water heater but we constantly bicker over the hot water. Scott takes a ton of showers....and even after all these years we can't figure out a shower schedule where we all would be happy.

:: I have been having to make the font larger on the computer and my phone. I  wonder if that just means I am getting older. I have had perfect vision for years and maybe that is over.... or maybe I am just tired!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful night. I would love to know what is going on with you! Feel free to let me know how your night is going. xx