Tuesday Truths * Sleepy Edition

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

:: Its seems like the day lasted forever for me. I have been so busy and still want to finish a few things before I go to bed tonight....like this blog post!

:: It was pizza night in the Jaggers House. Since I have been so busy, I changed our dinner plans...and I let Papa Johns feed us tonight. 

:: I actually had to turn the air on today. I am not a fan of air conditioning but I was so hot running around the house that I finally gave it. But as the sun starts to set, I am going to turn if off and open up the house again. Nothing feels the same as fresh air flowing through the house. 

:: I have been getting to bed so late. I am totally going to change that. 

:: Another little boy was attacked and killed from a pitbull yet again. I don't understand why people don't understand how dangerous those dogs can be. If Scott came home with one...it would be our family or the dog. No joke. It's just not a chance I would ever be willing to take. 

:: I held on the phone for 45 minutes waiting for a ATT representative. How ridiculous is that? It's ATT....why don't they hire more people. We all have busy lives...and that was 45 minutes I will never get back.

:: I need to make time to either get a pedicure and manicure or just do it myself. The key words..→ Make Time ←. 

:: I hurt a back tooth last night somehow and it has been uncomfortable all day long. Thanks to Advil I have been able to deal with it but it if don't stop hurting soon...I am going to have to go to the dentist. YUCK!

:: There has been NOTHING on tv worth watching the past few days. It makes me just want to pull the cable boxes out and be done with it. Use only Amazon or Nexflix and forget about it. However, the boys would kill me. They out number me on the tv...but it's silly to pay so much to get so little in return. 

:: I am so impressed by the women in my family. What a strong bunch who could seriously do anything they want. I'm blessed.

:: Jackson got talked to today regarding how his actions speak for our family. I wanted him to fully understand that when he is out in society without us, he is in fact representing our family...not just himself. Let's hope talk helps. Sigh...teen-agers! :)

:: My desk looks so clean but there is a hidden organized mess but you can't see it. Maybe that is a job I can tackle in a while...right now Scott and I are finishing a movie so maybe later tonight. And it wont bother the boys sleeping with me cleaning it up. 

:: I did just take a long hot bath and it did an amazing job at making me feel better. And while the water was running, I was able to put away a basket of clothes all while chatting away to my best friend. See...multi tasking at it's finest! 

:: I was reading a poll about the news channels...and Fox news scored the most inaccurate news channel at 60 % false, then MSNBC  was next with 44% and my beloved CNN coming in at 80% TRUE. See...I knew I watched the right news channel. Always CNN....and now you see why. I should have been an anchor for CNN....or on the payroll of the White House! :) 

:: We finally got some rain tonight in the later hours. I have been waiting to water the plants because it looked like it was going to pour down for days. I don't think it lasted long enough but at least the plants finally got a good watering. 

:: I miss my little daughter Brittany Belle. Actually, I miss all the kids up north. They are growing up so fast. Its such a hard thing to be away from them. I talked to Laura today and she seemed as sweet as ever. Brittany is in the crazy teenage years but I am so impressed with all the kids. 

:: My knee is feeling better so I have been on treadmill daily. I still don't like it. But it does make my body feel a little better. Now if I could just stop snacking before bed...it might start to help me loose some weight! My mom pointed out the other day that walking on the treadmill and then going out for fast food is not helpful. Ha! I still had to eat! :) But she was right and I need to try to make more of an effort. 

:: My new tag came in for my car today...only husby forgot to put it on. Oh well.. he will maybe do it in the morning or I can do it myself. I am just happy to get rid of the paper tag because I can't leave the state with it. Now I can totally fly the coop in the Mini Cooper!

:: I totally have forgotten to check the PO Box the past couple of weeks. I am sure I have a note in there from the post lady reminding me that I need to pick up my mail on a more consistent basis or I will have to rent a bigger box. Gotta there this week sometime. 

:: It's amazing the amount of garbage we have been holding on to. I have been purging things for weeks and the more stuff I come across, the more stuff I am just throwing away. If it hasn't been used in a long while, I don't see the point in keeping it. I can promise you though...I am totally giving the handy dandy garbage men a bonus at Christmas for hauling it all away for us. 

Sweet Dreams...I'll see ya tomorrow. xx