Sunday Inspiration...You are enough.

Sunday, May 3, 2015
Hello friends. I hope you guys are having a great day. It's a slow start in our house. Scott is out playing golf so Jackson and myself are just enjoying the beauty of doing nothing. It is actually amazing to be sitting outside right now blogging, enjoying coffee and listening to the birds sing....with no big plans. It's a beautiful day and we are soaking it up as much as possible.

I received one of the most touching emails last night from a subscriber who has been reading this blog and watching my videos for a long time without commenting. She felt embarrassed almost to leave a comment on a strangers video. Yet her email was so sweet letting me know that she did not consider me just " someone " she tunes into occasionally. She considered me a friend and wasn't sure how to approach me. She went on to tell me about her life and her children. She is in a big city with a husband who works a lot and I have helped ease the pain of being in a new unfamiliar place. By time I was finished reading her email, I had tears flowing down my face. It totally touched my ♥. First off to her or anyone of you can ALWAYS comment or get a hold of me through email or social media like instagram or facebook. I might sometimes get backed up but I always try my hardest to respond quickly. As I thought about that email all evening long it made me wonder how anyone could see me as a role model besides my kids. I have received a lot of emails through out the years with touching stories but I still have not accepted the impact of being a blogger/youtube. I guess you never really know who is watching. I have found through out the years that the women in my life are the biggest by far support group that I will ever have. From my mom and sister, to Scott family and lifetime best friends I am loved, cared for and supported each and every day. Even on the days I am not so nice, they are still loving and supportive. But in reading that email, I realized that not everyone has that. Some people are alone in this world without a big support system in place to help during the hard time....or even to celebrate the good times. To some, this blog and my videos are a soft place to fall. It's still hard understanding the impact on some, but I am here for you guys in any situation. I am just an email away. You are not alone. Even if we have never met, that doesn't mean I don't care. I will always care about the people reading this blog and watching our videos.  You will be validated, affirmed and heard.. You have a friend in me. ♥

Even for me yesterday I had my own moment. 10 hours after giving birth the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out looking so amazing. I seriously thought somoene else had that baby. She is stunning no doubt, but I have never seen a woman look like that 10 hours after having a baby. It was kinda weird becuase just for a moment it made me feel less than because I never looked so amazing 10 hours after having a baby. I found I was not the only one feeling that way. Lots of friends were saying and feeling the same. However,  those wonderful woman in my life were quick to point out that we don't have the teams of people cleaning us up and making us look good.  We simply cannot compare our lives with anyone else. It is totally normal to leave the hospital with a new baby looking like crap. Its ok that you are not the picture perfect wife or mom. The true test is over time. Our journeys are unique to each one of us. Being jealous and envious is all ego based. Being your true self is transforming. God made us each unique and we all have something to share and contribute. I try to be a kind person, a good wife and mother but there are days when I fall flat on my face. My family and close friends are always there to be a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and they are strong enough to run the world. That's what we need....more women supporting each other. I don't think you have to like everyone...there are a lot of people I am not so fond of but you can still handle yourself with grace and dignity when dealing with them. Still a lesson I am trying to learn.

Some how along the way, with us sharing our lives with has left an impression with some. There are times when it's not the best impression....maybe I overshared but for the most part, it has been helpful, inspiring, funny, and you tell me. :) I am honored that you come back and visit us, learn about our family and even share things about yourselves. This blog and my youtube channel are blessings in disguise and we thank you for coming and visiting and getting to know us. I think God put this in my life not only to help me but to somehow help others. I have been blogging from 2008 starting off in myspace and then moving here to blogger in 2011. WOW..7 years!! And then a few years ago, I started really making youtube videos. Sometimes I get fed up over something and feel like quitting but clearly it's a passion of mine. I am not sure why God wants me doing this but I have prayed about it for years... and I am still here. So as you take this ride with us, remember if you need a friend...we are here. And believe me, you have been there for us too in some of our hardest of times. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I hope you guys have a beautiful and blessed Sunday. xx