Saturday Rambles

Saturday, May 2, 2015
Hello, happy Saturday! I hope you are having a great day. We are starting off kinda lazy and late today which is totally fine by me. I thought I would share some thoughts bouncing around in my head today. 

:: Scott has been working a ton of hours here lately. The hours have now changed and they are open until 8pm. I understand that is the retail business but I really don't like it. We miss him. 

:: Yesterday I stayed so busy. I collapsed on the couch around 9pm and was all done. Until it was time to brush the cats out, pick up the kitchen and make the coffee before retiring to the bath. I seriously think that hot bath was probably one of the best parts of the day. 

:: When I finally fell asleep last night, a royal baby was on the way. I tuned in to CNN right before falling asleep and was so happy that the Dutches of Cambridge was in labor. Ha! And there is a new princess and I can't wait to see her! How fun!  

:: I really love the sunshine. It makes everything better. The cats love it too....Gabby is on her back.. paws up in the air soaking in some sun by the sliding glass door. I really think that cat has a persons spirit inside. Its crazy how smart she is. 

:: The new computer is great so far! I really really had trouble on deciding on which one to get. It might not seem like a big deal to some but this machine is how I work. I get a small income from the blog and youtube and need something that can handle that work load. Fingers crossed this one lasts. 

:: I have been behind on emails. I totally apologize for the delay but with those computer problems ↑ it made it hard to respond. I am going to be working on them in just a while. I did go through my inbox and sorted out the junk mail and placed all the emails in the folders to make the job easier today. 

:: Yesterday I went to the social security office for the first time ever. I needed to get a new ss card with my married name on it. Even with the kids, the hospital handled all that and the cards just arrived in the mail. So that was an experience. I could figure out why they would need an armed guard in there. Well... a friend told me that is where all the disability cases are handled and people get upset a lot if their benefits are messed up or cut off. it now. I hate to say this... but it was not a nice place. The cast of characters in there was a little scary. But they were helpful and its one step in the right direction. The man helping me in the picture didn't seem too happy that my id was expired ( which is why I was there ) but I think he felt sorry for me and just let it go through. I had to walk through a carnival to get to the office and was tired... a little confused but grateful for the help. 

:: I am going to have to go outside and run my ass off on the treadmill to work off the late night doughnut snack. I actually drove by a krispy cream yesterday and didn't stop. I felt so proud of myself... and I was starving then I bought them while shopping. Ha! I guess once a doughnut girl... always a doughnut girl! Btw.. I bet I barely sweat through my workout....what is up with that? 

:: Jackson went to bed last night without telling us goodnight. I hate hate hate that. He hasn't been feeling well so before I got in the bath last night, I actually woke him up when I was trying to sneak in his room and make sure he was breathing. Its so scary to me when a child says they have a headache and doesn't feel good and then goes to sleep. His messy room was hard to navigate with the lighting from my phone and I ended up kicking a ball sending it into a bunch of toys in the floor. Needless to say he was alive and not too happy with his mom for disturbing his rest! I felt better though! :)

:: All around the neighborhood flowers are blooming and its so pretty to see. Spring really is a magical time. Soon we will have hot hot weather and have to be watering everything to keep it alive. I just hope the housesitter will keep everything alive while we are gone on our vacation this June.  

:: I watched 2 movies here recently. → Still Alice & Black and White ← both really good movies. I love Kevin Costner and Octavia was a really sweet movie and then Still Alice just hits your heart like no other. I need to get some full movie reviews up. 

:: Emily over at The Freckled Fox ( a blogging friend ) posted some terribly sad news. Her husband has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She has 4 kids right now and pregnant with the 5th. I couldn't believe what I was reading. This young family is about to go through a lot.....and most of the Dr's think he will only be here another 5 years. I was shocked but really I felt sorry for his wife and all those children. If you pray, put this family in your prayers. They need all the love and support they can get now. 

:: I have absolutely no plans today except recording a video. It feels good too. I am not sure what the day is going to hold but I am going at it with an open mind and heart. Hopefully it will be a relaxing day around the house soaking up some of the sun.

:: There was just a big crash - boom - crash sound from the other room. What do you want to be that it was the biggest cat in the house trying to get to my bedroom windows by knocking everything off the desk that was in his way. Sigh.

:: I had a nice talk yesterday with a lady down south that is helping us with one of the kids. The situation has made Scott and myself feel kinda hopeless but she actually picked up our spirits yesterday and it was uplifting. I still don't know what is going to happen but I have faith it will be ok. 

:: I have been trying to drink more water. I really don't like it. It's been Voss water all last week and even though it was a better still tasted like plain old water. Nothing exciting for sure. I add some lemon sometimes but maybe I am doing something wrong. Look at all that delicious fruit in that bottle. It looks like they have made some homemade fruit punch in that water bottle. I wounder what that fruity concoction takes like? Might have to give it a try. Anything to make the water taste better. I just have to remind myself that there is no way to make my water taste like my beloved Mt. Dew.                                                                                                                                                                            :: My mom is on a motorcycle right now with Don. I don't like it at all. My sister and I would be lost if something happened to her. Please watch over her God. And it wouldn't surprise me if both dogs were in the little box on the back so watch over them too God.

:: Last night at 3am my best friend was up and ready to go. She fell asleep at 9pm slept till 3am and was drinking coffee as I was trying to go to bed. I am yawing and she is wide awake and giggly! I was kind jealous she was feeling so good when I was so tired. That long nap paid off but I bet she didn't get back to sleep till early this morning. And my money says shes sleeping right now. 

:: I am going to try to get to the PO Box today. I didn't have a chance to get their yesterday so hopefully in a bit I can drive out there. It's a drive....but its a beautiful day. 

Thank you guys for being so kind and supportive through out the years. This blog was a place where our family could keep up with us when we moved away. It has became so much more because of you guys. The same with my youtube channel. Its has grown because of you guys. I have been blessed with some of the best subscribers on the planet. I love you guys. ♥   Happy Saturday.