Friday Letters ♥

Friday, May 29, 2015
Happy Friday friends! I hope you enjoy another edition of Friday Letters. Hope you enjoy! 

Dear God, Thank you for allowing me to live another week but more importantly thank you for protecting our children and our family. I trust in you more than anything. Dear tooth, why are you hurting so badly. You look just fine but you have been hurting so badly. FEEL BETTER. Dear Jordan, You will be 19 in a couple of days and it's a happy day and both a sad day for me. I thought when you turned 18 so many things would have changed. I thought you would come rejoin the family that loves and misses you so much. I am not sure what will happen, but in time I hope you realize how long we have waited and how long we have loved you. I guess we will wait forever. Happy Birthday. Dear Planner, it's sure been a busy week. You are filled up to the edge of the pages with notes, schedules and to do's. No wonder I am tired. Dear Brittany, I love and miss you so much. Leave it to you and the rest of the kids to get me to seriously think about moving back to Indiana. You kids are the best thing I have ever done in my life. Dear Bracelet, you keep hitting the laptop while I try to type. Grrrrrrr. It's time to come off.  Dear Shanna, sorry for not talking as much. As soon as I am feeling better I will be on that phone talking your ear off. Dear Jen, I am sorry that people have pitted us against each other. It makes me sad. I wish you and your family all the best. And those are my words not someone pretending to be me. Dear Dad, You still haven't came to see me in my dreams. But I somehow ended up going through a bunch of pictures the other night...and you were there in so many of them. It helped. I really miss you and I am thankful for all the good memories we made together. I saw pictures of your wife too. I know so many people hate to hear that I think she was evil. Everyone thinks of nice loving little old lady grandmothers who should never have the word 'hate' used against them. But she was pure evil and got so much more wrong than she ever did right. I'm sorry. I don't even think years of therapy would change my feelings.  Dear Laci, I can't wait to see you in a few weeks. You know, you were the first person I watched grow up from an infant to a strong lady. I am so happy now that you are older because we seem to be so much closer. I am no longer trying to hide adult issues from you. Instead, I call YOU for advice because you always have a point of view that I don't. I love you sis. Dear Jackson, I can't believe you just walked through the door. And yes, I knew it was a half day but I really had not thought of it today. I am so happy you are out of school. SUMMER IS HERE! Dear Blog/Youtube friends, if you want to write a post, write it.  If you want to say something, say it.  If you preface everything that comes out of your mouth with some sort of disclaimer, I'm just going to assume you're weak.  Not everybody has to like you and the choices you make all the time. Particularly when your choices are dumb.  who cares?  you do not have to defend your decisions to anyone but yourself ....all things I need to remember myself. Just try to learn the lessons of your soul along the way. Dear Mom, Sorry I didn't call about the flooding. Again I saw something on FB that made me think you were ok. I hope you know how much I love you and how thankful I am that you are my mom. I am sorry my grandparents got it so wrong about you. I am ashamed of them because I couldn't ask for a better more loyal loving mother. The cruise is just weeks away!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear Louisiana, I don't know what is going on but one minute you make us feel everything will be fine and that we are moving in the right direction and then the next day, you make us believe something totally different. I am loosing hope to say the least. And one day, I might change the names and location and write a full book about what we have experienced. I am so disappointed in you. Dear Treadmill, we have a date together in a few minutes even though I feel like crap. My legs still work so I am getting on and hoping that it will make me feel a little better and give me some energy. Dear Trina, I love you so much but you know what? I wish I could drug your ass and get you on that big boat with us. I am going to miss you. Since you are going to be staying home, I might just need your help with some blog and youtube stuff. Dear Cooper, sorry that back window in my car doesn't open up. I didn't mean to tease you with going bye bye only to have to take you back in the house. I guess you are just not made to fit in the Mini Cooper. Dear Scott, Sorry I got grumpy last night about you being so noisy. You know I wasn't feeling good. But I totally appreciated you giving up the hot water for me to take a bath. I love you.  Dear Weather, I wish you would make up your mind on what you want to do. If your going to it already. Dear Romeo, You look so great after your big brush out last night. Sorry you got annoyed by it however it was worth it. Dear Birds, You must be telling all your friends about the birdfeeder in the yard. You guys are eating a bag of bird food every few days. Dear Kevin, I wish you would stop hiding out and come join the family. Believe it or not, I care and so does everyone else. Families are about forgiveness and love. You have a great family whom I adore. I wish you would stop wasting time. Dear Breah, I just want to to know that I have been thinking of you. I hope all is well. I miss your dad.Dear Laura, I think you are such a sweetheart. I am blessed with a older daughter/friend. Your dad and I love you very much. Kiss the kids for us.  Dear House, I need to get up and get you picked up better. I am taking it slow today...still not feeling my best, but I am going to try to get a few things done. Why haven't you figured out a way to clean yourself up!?  Dear friends and family, There is only one acceptable reason. to call me before 6:30 a.m.: you're dying. You might call but don't be surprised that I didn't answer or I did and was not so nice. Dear Friday, here I am.. not feeling good but awake and wishing that I was feeling amazing so I could run around my house and clean it up. But as it looks right is going to be resting and more recuperation. I wish I felt better for you. Dear Danielle, I have been thinking of you lately. I hope things are going well on the West Coast. If you are reading this, shoot me an email and let me know what you have been up to. We have a lot of catching up to do!

I hope you guys are having a great Friday! I'll be back in a bit with a new come back! :