Checking In....Life Update

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Hello friends! I thought I would take a few minutes and give you a little update. Life has been busy and stressful the past few days and there has been little time for making videos let alone blogging. We had a long trip down south and then driving home last night was so hard on us. We were tired of being in the car...Scott and I switched off driving at different times because we didn't want to stop and sleep. Driving 11 hours one way is starting to become a little more difficult as we get older. But we did it. Jackson had to get back to school and Scott had to get back to work. Plus I just wanted to get back home. Our trip went better than expected and we couldn't be more grateful for all the love, support and prayers from you. You guys know I can't talk about it but we do feel like things are moving in a better direction. There is a process to how things must be done and we are trying to get everything checked off the list. Just going there and being able to hug, visit, and talk made it all worth it. We didn't get home until after 1am last night and it was hard to decompress to quickly get to bed. I actually woke up today feeling awful and I know Scott and Jackson both are probably feeling worse today than I am. They had to start their day only a few hours after we got home so I have a feeling its going to be a quiet easy going night. I am still not technically moving today. I am sleepy and still on coffee...yes I know it's the middle of the afternoon but I am still so tired. The house is not in too bad of shape. 

There are some things I need to try to get done like unpacking and laundry. Plus I might need to run to the grocery store. None of which I really want to do. But life goes on and if the boys can get through things tired and can I! I am sure by the weekend we will all be feeling ourselves again. We just need a few good nights of sleep. Sleeping in the hotel was not easy either. I think I got a total of 4 hours and Scott got even less. Thankfully Jackson got some sleep in the car on the way home since I had to make him go to school today. He only has a short time left and he can't be missing days when testing and such is going on. Brittany Belle and her father are not getting along right now so it's been a lot of phone calls between the two and it simply comes down to respect and manners. It's so hard being away from Brittany. I hate it. We are not in the position to move right now but I think in a matter of a year or so we might just move back up north so we can all be close. It's a decision I don't take lightly because I have doubts about being in that state...that area but it would be nice to be closer to all the kids and our family. We first got to see what happens with things in Louisiana and get that all handled before making any big life changing decisions. But it's for sure in the back of my mind. 

Also all the way home last night I was trying to avoid finding out who won Dancing with the Stars. I came home and sped watched Monday nights show just fast forwarding to each dance and then watched the finale. Right as I was falling asleep I saw Rumor Willis won. She was such an amazing dancer. I loved watching her and so happy she won! :)

So since, the schedule this week is a are a few of the things I need to get done over the next few days. 

:: Unpack suitcase and get laundry going. 
:: Pay some bills. 
:: Water the plants
:: Run to the grocery store. 
:: Bath and groom Gabby 
:: Work in planner. 
:: Pre Record some videos. 
:: Make a Vet appointment for Cooper. He doesn't seem to be feeling good. 
:: Find motivation to to really deep clean the house. 
:: Call Louisiana with weekly updates....something I didn't realize needed done....wonder if emails apply? I think I will check on that. 
:: Get back on a schedule from working out. We ate too much junk food on the car trip. 
:: Get to bed sooner. 
:: Remember to put the trash out on Thursday night. 
:: Clean up the DVR's. 
:: Go through, sort and file papers on desk. 
:: Try to do a quick pick up of the garage over the weekend. A job I really don't like. 
:: I need to make time to get my hair cut soon. I keep putting it off but it really needs to happen soon. 
:: Clean up files on computer. 
:: Make a fruit salad with left over berries before they go bad.
:: Get money from ATM for Jackson's field day at school tomorrow.

I hope you guys are having a great day. I have a video I am going to share later this evening.. be sure to come back and check it out!