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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hello friends! We are back in the car heading home and I thought I would take a few minutes to share a new beauty cleanup video of sorts. I decided that it was finally time to get rid of all the cutter from having so much makeup. It was becoming hard to store and I just got tired of digging through it all. Since reading the Japanese Art of De Cuttering, I have tried to put her process into use in our home. It basically it a way of De Cluttering by bringing it all out ( category by category not room by room ) and going through each and every item. It gives you a chance to really see how much stuff you have and you have to keep the items that you really only love. It's different for each of us. Here's how I did my makeup and beauty products. Hope you enjoy!

I think this is very effective and like I really see what you have. You can see that I didn't sink a ton of money into the storage. It was overall around $50.00 which isn't bad at all. I wish the vanity had better storage but until I find the right house, this set up will have to work. I did keep a lot still. It was so hard picking and choosing when I felt like I love it all. But I did get rid of a ton and now have everything stored where and how I wanted. I hope that maybe this will inspire you to go through your makeup and really see what you have gathered up through the years and then start the de cluttering process for yourselves! You can always let me know how you are doing on instagram using the hash tag #kjaggers. :) I would love to see! If you are new here, I'd love it if you took a few seconds to get subscribed. xx