Week in Review | Egg-cellent Easter! | April 3 -5, 2015 w/ Vlogs & To Do's

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. As many of you know... I post a week in review recapping what happened over the week & weekend. Its something that I have been doing off and on for years. Its just a simple way to give you guys a glimpse into our week. I have changed up the vlogging schedule where I will be uploading a Day in the life vlog Monday...as always and then another on Thursday. Monday's vlog will cover Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the previous week and Thursdays vlog will be for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Actually I might be adding more vlogs in during the week...depending on how much I vlog.

* So I should start this blog post out with letting you know that I had some terrible computer and video editing issues over the past day or so. Yesterday was non stop with calls to tech support, uninstalling and re installing.. it was truly mind numbing and exhausting troubleshooting problems all day. But we seem to be back up and running...so I am playing catch up! :) I'm just thankful for it working

So the beginning of the week came with its own challenges. I don't know what is going on but we had lots of internet, tv and even phone issues. I really tried my best to go along with it and got caught up with things around the house and even did a lot of reading. But I have to admit, it was nice to get everything fixed. Here's what went on around here during the beginning of the week: 

I have been noticing that the vlogs can be really long and I thought I would break them up this past week and give you another vlog on Sunday. However, that didn't work out as expected but finally it went live late last night. F-I-N-A--L- L-Y! 

The end of the week was about trying to catch up on videos, get the house together, shop for Easter groceries. → Check out that haul here ← and getting things for Easter Day. Easter is such a lovely time. I love the spring holiday when we can all get with our family and friends, enjoy a wonderful dinner along with a few sweet treats! It was a beautiful day and all the kids were outside playing while all our neighbors were out in their yards working. I had a kinda weird experience in the evening but I skip over that and just say that over all, it was a lovely day with my family. We actually ate a little earlier so I didn't have to be in the kitchen late. It paid off because once the sun set, we all got sleepy with our full bellies! I was sound asleep by midnight. Here's more from our weekend...

This week:

It's a special week for Scott and myself this week. Yesterday { Monday 4.6 } is our wedding anniversary. After 7 years of dating, I finally said yes and married by best friend. At this point we have been married 4 years but together 11. It's not always been easy and I wasn't sure we would get through some of the problems in the past but we have fought through. He's still so beautiful to me and I feel very lucky to have him in my life. That doesn't mean that it's a walk in the park. Marriage is hard and requires a lot of self sacrifice and a lot of love to make it through the harder times. I feel that Scott and myself built a good foundation that has held strong through out the years. He is the love of my life and I am very grateful for our relationship. I know that life is more dull, I don't smile as much, and I know I would feel lost without him. And I am pretty sure he feels the same way. So here's to 4 full years of marriage and to many more. ♥ Oh.. and we are not quite ready to celebrate until the weekend. Scott worked a lot of hours at the dealership yesterday and we thought we would both feel more like ourselves when we could get some rest first and then celebrate. :)

We have a ton of changes coming up. One of the biggest is I have decided to let go of the adorable Volkswagen Bettle and I am moving into a newer better Mini Cooper Clubman. It wasn't a easy decision but the truth is.. the Mini Cooper drives so much better. So I gave the ok and I will probably have the car by the mid to end of the week. It's kinda exciting but I am going to miss the bug. We also have a big trip to Louisiana planned again for next week. However, we just didn't want to take Jackson to just sit in the hotel. BUT...he is going to go hang out with his dad and sister for a week..which should be nice. I am not happy about pulling him out of school but he would have had to miss to go down south.. so we will deal with it. I know he is excited and I am thankful that he is not going to be stuck with us doing un fun things. So it worked out. 

This weeks to dos

  • Get new ID. Mine is expired and it's wayyyyyyy past time. Gosh.. I HATE the DMV. They always turn me away so I give up and never go back . But I need it so gotta try again. 
  • Check PO Box
  • Get plates and tupperware back from neighbors. I think they wanted to keep them.. Nope! We don't give away our dishes. 
  • Send my sister a congratulations card for her new job promotion she just got!!! 
  • Continue walking on the treadmill. 
  • Work in planner.. Desperately need to take time to figure things out. 
  • Make on last payment on our cruise! 
  • Enjoy the rainy days we have coming up with a hot glass of tea and good book. 
  • Make dinner reservations at the Melting Pot. 
  • Clean up files on computer. 
  • Call not so nice lady and make an appointment for our trip down south. 
  • Clean up Coopers dog bowls. It only takes 2 nights for them to get dirty and crusty. YUCK!
  • Pray for more patience and understanding.
  • As soon as Hilary announces she is running by posters, shirts...all of it. I am seriously putting posters up in the top windows of the house. Too bad for anyone who doesn't like it.. Sorry Scott. It's happening. BTW. I have been approached to make some political commercials!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Yesssssssssssssss!
  • Pamper my nails a little more. They still are so sore. 
  • Buy cameras to monitor the front and back of house. Yep...it's happening. 
  • Clean out frig before grocery shopping on Wednesday.  Also need to work on grocery list. 
  • Make more time to play games with Jackson. The xbox is out but I am sure we can find a board game we both like. 
  • Stay away from cake for at least a week. The walking is never going to help if I don't control my sweet tooth.
  • Give ivy plants a shower. 
  • Buy some flowers for the yard. 
  • Find the laptop of my dreams to buy! 
  • Clean up desk...which never ever stays cleaned up!
  • Make time for some of my favorite youtubers. I have not been watching as much and I miss them! 
  • Call Marjorie about Jackson. 
Here is some inspiration to take with you through the week!

 So I know this is going live a day late which does push my other videos around but right now the computer is working and I couldn't be more happier about it. I spent forever trying to get my video editor software working and actually asked God to send me a tech support angel to work their magic. Oddly enough, I got on the phone with a guy in Canada who was kinda like the tech angel. He worked on the laptop with remote access for over 3 hours and not only helped me but was so nice to teach me a few new things too. So Monday was spent at my desk in frustration. Late late last night I finally got things fixed. I was able to snuggle up and forget about all the tech troubles and got some sleep. Scott is home today so we are just going to hang out and shaperone the preteens hanging out on the 2nd floor! :) It's spring break here. I hope you guys had a lovely week and a even better Easter. ♥Thanks so much for stopping by. If you are new here, I'd love it you took a second to subscribe!