Tuesday Talks & Truths

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday. Here's another edition of Tuesday Truths. Hope you enjoy! 

:: I am so thankful for a new day. My family has been stressing me out some and sleep did me well. However Scott and I have been running all over town this morning. Its been a busy day to say the least.

:: Scott and I had brunch at the Crackle Barrel today. It was super yummy and somehow I made it though the shop without buying anything! Ha! See it can be done! 

:: With the girl power from my sister, my sister in law and my best friend...and my mom too, I am far from alone. They are my dream team and I love them so much. 

:: I have changed my cleaning routine and the house today shows it. But it's ok... I am going to get it cleaned up on Wednesday. 

:: I think these four agreements are so good. I think we can all learn from them. I am still trying to figure things out each day. Life is ever changing. 

:: Jackson is going crazy to go do something really fun. I hate that he feels bored a lot but I think a lot of kids do. He's done so much better at going outside and playing but come on summer...we all need a break! 

:: The rain has been kinda depressing. I was worried all day yesterday that a tornado was going to come at any minute. The alarms on my phone kept going off and it was scary. So far it's been dry. 

:: I want to make it very clear that I don't hate any youtubers at all. I have never had a issue with a fellow youtuber...I might say that I think they are acting silly but that where it ends. Sorry if that Sunday Inspiration blog post blew everyone's mind. It was just an opinion of one thing..not a over all statement. I do have my favorites though! :)

:: I watched Cake last night. I love Jennifer Aniston. I didn't think the movie would be that good but it was interesting. 

:: A bunch of new planner supplies came into yesterday which made me really happy. I thought I would give up on the stickers and such but I guess once a planner, sticker, stamp girl...always a planner girl! 

:: I still haven't been able to figure out if the Nike Shox have been hurting my back and such when wearing them. I got another pair without shox and my feet and back still hurt a lot. So who knows!

:: There are so many days when I just want to shut all the online stuff down. I think I am going to maybe close down my facebook fan page, twitter page...and maybe just post one or two videos a week. It is something I am thinking about. It's a hard decision though but there is so much negativity and I just don't want to deal with it. And to top it off there is a male family member making it worse. So there might be some changes coming. Idk. But this blog will be up for years to come no matter what. :)

:: I have been looking for a new lavender plant for days. I can't find it anywhere. Wonder if I can order a full sized plant online and have it shipped in!?

:: Our golden retriever is starting to get gray doggie hair. Its weird seeing him age while we too age.

:: Gosh...I am sleepy and the clock is ticking for me to get things finished up around here and get dinner started. Hummm....wonder if I can get Scott to take us out to dinner tonight!? Might be worth a try!

I hope you guys have a great evening. Hopefully I can make it back around here to share a new video in a bit.. stay tuned!