Saturday Coffee Talk

Saturday, April 25, 2015
Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Satruday. I thought I would come say hello in another Coffee Talk post. Hope you enjoy! 

:: I know it's late in the afternoon but I am most certainly on coffee still. It's been raining here all day and I actually slept in. I don't mean until 10 or 11 am. I slept in late.......and it felt amazing! However, I feel a little guilty about it!

:: Somehow Romeo hurt his eye. He might have gotten scratched from one of the females or maybe something bit him. We have used eye wash on it and even cod liver oil which is great for cats with eye problems but he is still keeping it shut. I'm worried to say the least. If it's not better by Monday he's going into the Vet to be checked out.

:: Scott has a big golf tournament tomorrow. He might get rained on but I know he is totally excited about playing. I think it's hard sometimes for him to prioritize his time because he doesn't get many off days and loves golf....and we love him home with us! But tomorrow is not only a big golf day it's Scotts birthday!!!

:: Speaking of Scott, our oldest daughter is on her way back up north from Florida. She texted me this morning that she might stop in on her way through. It's kinda disappointing that Scott will be gone but she's has a piece of my ♥ and can come anytime. However, I am so going to buy her a planner! It would have been so much easier if we knew she was stopping in but she's a free spirit and hates calendars and schedules.I wish that would change and we could plan things out better but really all I want is that family of ours all packed into a mivi van to drive safe. I worry about them making long journeys together. Every family does it but it worries you a lot when it's your own kids and grand children.

:: Our youngest daughter Brittany Belle decided to try the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. Gosh...I was just reading horror stories about it happening. Thank goodness her lips didn't explode. She's a kid and kids do silly things but hopefully now she realizes that God gave her the most beautiful natural lips and she doesn't need to worry about looking like someone else. Don't try this at home...and of course she videoed's Brittany Belle...

And I have to admit, the stunts she pulls has nothing on the boys. I don't have to really worry about her as much as them but I hope she doesn't try this again. I never knew this would happen but wow!

:: I was offline almost all day yesterday while I was working on updates and such. It took forever to get rid of the malware...yep, many of us have it and then it took even longer for the hard drive to defrag. But right now the computer is running great so I guess it was worth it. And it also gave me some extra time to clean up around the house. 

:: Everything alive besides myself is sound asleep in the house right now. No sunshine effects everyone in our home from the kids, to the animals and Scott and myself. I should be out shopping right now but I am just not ready. Looks like some evening shopping is going to have to happen. 

:: I was sooooo happy to finally video all my planning supplies. Now I can use them! :) It might seem like a lot but I only use them when needed. I have been using planners and journals since I was old enough to write...and no doubt that will never change. My mother in law was the same way. She would make lists after lists and follow through checking each one off as she completed each tasks. Hopefully one day my great grandchildren will get these journals and get to know us a little better...rather than just being a thought or memory. 

:: I got a notice that one of Scott's main birthday gifts is going to be late. Great. Whatever though.. I don't think he will really mind anyway. 

:: Being the computer was down all day, I haven't gotten back to facebook messages, emails, and comments. Bare with me while I catch up. I have to go out in a bit to do some shopping but tomorrow I should be able to get to some answered. I could have responded on the tablet but it's just not the same. 

:: My new little car had some kind of reading that said it had a coil bad when they took care of the break light. So it went to the Mini Cooper shop over an hour away and hopefully I should have it back this evening sometime. Yea! I don't like the loaner car that much. 

:: I know we are well into the afternoon... but it's only been coffee today so far. I have had to pause this blog post a few times...but that's ok! We have a much more laid back schedule today and it feels awesome. But I will have to eat something soon. Plus it's sweater weather... not so motivating!

:: We had a frost warning last night and I forgot to cover the plants. I think it was more for the mountain areas but I am glad they all look good today.

:: I need to pick the winners to the last Inkwell Press giveaway. I'll do that in a bit too! So much going on...I need to get with it.

I hope you guys are having a great Saturday. ♥