Reflecting | March 2015 |

Thursday, April 16, 2015
Hello friends! I hope you are having a great evening. Since we are in a new month I thought it would be fun to share this reflecting blog post. If you feel like doing it be sure to come back and share your link with us so we can come check it out!

I am running a little behind...I almost forgot March! But here we go!

Seeing: A lot of rain here lately. Not complaining though....everything looks so green and lush!
Making: more time during the day for things I want to get done opposed to things I have to do. I am getting time in for both!
Cooking: dinner soon! I think its manwich and french fries tonight. Easy peasy!
Drinking: Sweet tea more than Mountain Dew. I am thinking it's healthier but probably not!
Reading: Lots of new books! Have you seen my latest book haul right here? I actually just ordered another one that I can't wait to start reading.
Hearing: popcorn pop away in the microwave! Jackson just got home from school a few little bit ago and needed a snack before dinner.
Wanting: more time with my husband. He works so many hours. I miss him and can't wait until we are all home together over the weekend. :)
Looking: at little birds on my bird feeder. I figure if I keep feeding them well, they will sing more to me!
Playing: more ball with Super Cooper with the warmer weather.
Wasting: more time than I should on amazon instant video. I'm in loooove with that service!
Bookmarking: different excursions that we are maybe going to do on our summer cruise to share with Scott.
Understanding: boys are not as easy to raise as everyone told me. Yea not so much in our house. But we are just learning as we go!
Wishing: we could just ship our stuff and move to Hawaii. No joke......wouldn't that be awesome!
Touching: a fluffy kitty cat named Romeo.
Enjoying: a clean house! It feels good to have things picked up and in their place.
Waiting: for our oldest son Jordan to actually join our family because we miss.
Planning: in my Inkwell Press Planners. I am so in love with them....its makes planning so much nicer when you actually like the planner that you are using. I actually have a new planner haul video coming up next week sometime..stay tuned!
Liking: all of our new plants in the kitchen window. They just make me happy!
Wondering: where the rest of our bird feeders are. I doubt we thew them away but I can't find them.
Loving: you guys who visit this blog of mine, watch my videos, and follow along on social media. You guys make me smile everyday!
Hoping: things work out ok down south with one of our kids. I don't know what is really going to happen but I hope he is safe and happy above everything.
Hating: that Scott got upset at work today. I hate hearing him upset but he will be home soon where he can hopefully relax.
Needing: a haircut, manicure and pedicure.
Smelling: Victoria Secret hair conditioner every time I move my head around. If you haven't tried it, you must! It makes your hair smell amazing.
Wearing: warm cozy clothes because its rainy and cool outside...fuzzy socks too.
Pinning: not much right now...gotta catch up!
Learning: to bite my tongue more. Sometimes things are just better off unsaid.
Teaching: Jackson to be more responsible. Again....not easy but something we are working hard on.
Noticing: all the beauty that spring has brought with it.
Tasting: a watermelon jolly rancher.
Knowing: everyday is a chance to try again.. to do it better and to grow.
Thinking: about which new charcoal grill I am going to buy. It's time to get rid of the old one and get us a fancy new one!
Opening: lots of etsy packages. The ladies take so much care in their products. I am always happy when a new etsy product shows up!
Giggling: not that much today...I'm a bit sleepy but I am sure the energy level will go right up when Scott walks through the door.
Feeling: grateful for the life I have.
March: .Overall, a pretty good month! We had my 39th birthday, my grandfathers birthday, the first day of spring...all wonderful events for March 2015,

Thanks for coming by this evening. I think it will be a clam easy going night at home. If you feel like sharing the same reflections post on your blog, leave the link in the comments so we can come visit!