Question & Answer: How I Discipline the Kids | Video |

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful afternoon. Around here it is pouring down rain and very gloomy. I have been trying to get a lot of desk work done today rather than going out in the thunderstorm. I have been packaging up giveaway prizes and talking phone for a lot of the day too! Anyway, I am back sharing another question and answer video with you guys. I get so many questions that come in, I thought some dedicated videos to certain questions would help out. This time I am going over how I discipline our kids. Its a question that is frequently asked so here's my answer. Hope you enjoy! 

I think it should be said that I don't think judging other parents is an answer. All of us raising kids and taking care of our families are in the same boat. We need to be lifting each other up and helping one another. There are so many lessons we learn through years of parenting and I hope maybe you found something helpful with the video.  If you are new here, I'd love it you took a second to subscribe!