Passion Planner Review | Video, Corresponding Blog Post & Giveaway |

Friday, April 17, 2015

Hello friends! I am back sharing yet another planner with you guys. I love planning because I have seen up close and personal how a organized planner has changed my life. I debated for sometime if I was going to continue sharing planners through out the year with you guys and a lot of you wanted to see here is a look at the Passion Planner. I go through it in detail in the video and below there is a lot more information with pictures and the giveaway form! Hope you enjoy!

So here is a up close look at the compact Passion Planner. This planner is 5.5 x 8.5 and is a good size for a lot of people. This planner is smaller than my Inkwell Press Planner or even my Erin Condren planners making it easier to fit in your bag or backpack. 

 This planner has about 190 pages and has a soft durable faux leather cover with is animal and vegan friendly. It's got smooth high quality 100 gsm thick paper that is resistant to ink bleeding.

The first few pages give you plenty of space to add your post it's or what have you and there is a place on the first inner page to add your information in case your planner is lost. There is a lot of room in this area that you could decorate too. I would probably use this as a dashboard area if I was using this planner.

The first few pages include a lot of information about the planner, how it's set up and how you can use it to prioritize and create a " passion plan " that can change your life. I know that sounds like a lot for a planner, but I know first hand how helpful a organized planner can actually be. So I get it. 

Then you move into the 2 year overlook. The calendars in this area do not take up the full page. Instead it is designed where the calendars are at the top with the US Holidays in the middle and then there is a big area on the bottom under each calendar where you make notes about upcoming events and such. 

The way the planner flows is like many. You have a monthly spread first and then you have the weeks in between. Simple but efficient layout to keep you in one month at a time. At the top of each monthly page you have a personal and work focus area for items that are most important for you to accomplish for that particular month on the left side. ( Top Left Picture Below ) Also on the left side you have an area for a monthly check in. It reminds you to go back to your Passion Roadmap and highlight any goals you reached or steps you completed. Below that is a blank area for notes to yourself. Then over the two pages is the monthly layout with holidays marked. Below the calendar is areas for you Personal/Passion Projects and Goals with a area at the top for priority projects. Beside that is the same kind of layout for your work projects and goals. Then the rest of the page on the right is a large blank space where you can break down and be creative in reaching your goals.

Moving on to the weekly area...This section looks busy already but it is designed to actually help you through your day. The week starts on Sunday in a horizontal 30 minute breakdown starting at 6am and ending at 1030pm. I really like those hours. A lot of us work into the night so I think that could be very helpful to many. Each day has a area for " Today's Top Focus " that will help you stay focused on the most important task of the day. Then in the left section you a space for the focus of that week and a gratitude section for good things that happened. Gotta say... love that too! Each day has a new inspirational quote that is to help motivate you along with tips to help you reach your goals. The bottom left side of the page contains 6 boxes that has a personal and work to do's listed out by Top Priority, Priority, and a box for errands. On the right side there is another big area for you to add your notes for the week or you could draw, journal and brainstorm. 

The planner is set up in that way...monthly layout first...then your weeks and then a new month. Then at the end of every month you have a monthly reflections page that gives you a place to review the month. It has some questions that is designed to help you see the progress you have made. 

The back of the planner is fairly simple. There are 20 pages of plain white paper for notes, doodling, brainstorming....anything and then there is 20 more graph pages for you to jot notes down and to do list down and such. There is a pocket on the back where you can put additional papers, notes, stickers, etc.

You can see this is a nice size planner. They do have another size that is larger and also another non dated version too...which works out nice if you are going to jump into a planner mid year. Another thing, I forgot to mention is in the middle of the planner there is a Midyear Passion Roadmap that is a refresher to keep you on track.

I personally think this planner is well through out with lots of descriptive notes that helps you figure out the best way to use it to be as efficient as possible. I like the design and layout and I also like how soft it is. It feels really nice in your hands and the plan black is classic. There are not too many thrills with this planner in terms of color and design but it does have a clean yet busy layout with lots of room additional notes and brainstorming. I also love the quotes in the weekly section and right below is a little task that is simple, kind and inspirational. Its suppose to kinda get you out of your comfort zone and try something new.

I have found a planner I really love that I am sticking with so I am going to share this planner with one of you guys! One of you will be get THE PLANNER SHOWN IN THE VIDEO AND IN THIS BLOG POST.   This giveaway will run from today April 18, 2015 until Saturday May 2, 2015.   The giveaway is open to everyone.  All entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to enter.  You can enter by following the directions in the Rafflecopter widget posted below.   I’ll announce the winners on THIS blog and post contact the winner directly through email.  Good luck!

Also don't forget that we still have the big inkwell press giveaway going on too. If you haven't entered yet, you can click right here to get entered! You have till April 22...Also we have the Common Goat Sense Giveaway going on too that you can enter here. All the giveaways are meant to give back to you guys for coming around and sharing our lives with us. Good luck to everyone. ♥