Huge Planner Haul! ;) Video

Friday, April 24, 2015

Hello friends! I know it is late but I wanted to go ahead and share this fun planner supply haul video with you guys! I had hoped to get it up earlier today but my computer was installing updates and such which made it basically useless all day. Opps! Anyway, I love planners. I have seen the changes they have made in my everyday life and I love to know how the days are going to go. This haul is fun but it's not necessary to plan. A planner of your choice, a pen or pencil and your all set. But sometimes it's fun to add a few stickers and such to make it more you. If you want to see what I got, enjoy the video below! Also there are pictures and links to where I found all the new items at. Hope you enjoy.

A lot of times when I post a planning sessions video, I get a lot of questions about where I found certain items. So below you can find out where I got everything shown in the video.

I placed a order with Joanne Fabrics for some inks. I am pretty new in the stamp world and I want to get some inks that would not stain my stamps and that would work great. I watched a lot of youtube videos and figured out which ones I wanted to try. 

I got the Memento Dew Drop package with 16 different colors. I also got some Distress Ink to mess with and also some Avery Elle Pigment ink. Maybe later I will come back and explain the differences. I also got some clear postal stamps. I just liked them. But everything in this haul came from Joanne Fabrics. 

I also did some shopping on etsy. There are some amazing planning products there and I have a bunch of favorite shops.

Bella Creations has some amazing stamps. I got another planning packet because my first one got stained up when I used the wrong inks. Told ya I was new to stamping! I also got a summer pack that I thought would be nice to use in the coming months. While I was browsing around, I also got some thank you stickers that I wanted for the back of thank you notes. They were also super kind to include some free samples of other products...which is pretty normal on etsy!

I also shopped around on plan it on paper and got some mini page flags. I have a bunch of larger ones but none this size. While I was there I also got some different color box stickers. I expected them to be a bit smaller but I am sure they will come in handy at some point!

I placed a big order through station stickers. There were many I liked from the to do arrows I got some little computers, to do arrows, trash can stickers, video camera stickers, washer and dryer stickers, pet paws, pay day stickers and some little rounds.

I placed another order through planner frenzy where I got some treadmill stickers, paw prints, little cars, weekend stickers and some little check marks.

From Gingerly Done I got some run stickers. I found these first and I actually like the ones above more. But I will still use these in time.

I also placed an order with Erin Condren to get some other stickers. I got some customized stickers to add to my planner and I also got some photo stickers too. I am not sure I would buy the photo stickers again but I love the others. 

Again, these items are fun but not necessary. I find planning relaxing and fun which is why I put so much into it. I totally understand if it's not your thing. A simple planner and pen totally works too. :) I plan on sharing in planning sessions videos how I am using all these stickers and I also plan sharing how I store them. I hope you guys are having a beautiful night. I am going to take a long hot bath and get myself to bed. I'll see ya tomorrow! If you are new here, please take a second to get subscribed so you don't miss any new videos or pictures. Have a beautiful night. ♥