Friday Letters ♥

Friday, April 17, 2015
Happy Friday friends! I hope your day is going well. I am back with another edition of Friday Letters. Hope you enjoy.

Dear God, I put you first in these letters because inside of me you are first in everything. You have given me a purpose and a path. However, I know it does not end here in this world. I know deep in my soul that life goes on but I still want to be here with my kids and family. Keep us all safe please. Dear Gabby, if you meow at my door one more night, I am going to break out the water bottle. I love you but need to be able to sleep. Dear Hands, why are you hurting so much today? Dear Jackson, I am proud of you for the golf lessons. I hope you enjoy it this afternoon. Dear Kyle, I am amazed by your assignment. I was so touched reading it. Those letters brought tears to my eyes but bravo for asking. Dear Trina, we love and miss you. You are more than a sister in law to are a true friend whom I adore. Congratulations on the weight loss! Dear Jordan, I don't know what it is going to take except courage. I'll be waiting. I love and miss you. Dear New Car, I hope we work out well together. So far so good! Dear Here Comes the Midwife, Your one of my new favorite shows! Jessica Raine who plays Jenny is such a sweetheart! Thank you amazon for suggesting this series. I am only on season 2 of 4 but it's a hit in my eyes! Dear Planner, you are sure going to be happy with all the new items I got you! I can't wait until they all come in! Dear Scott, I hope you like your birthday are such wonderful husband in so many ways. We love you. And thank you for making the coffee this morning! Dear Jeremy, Yesterday you died...21 years ago. I can close my eyes and go back to that moment in time that forever changed our lives.  Those memories will never fade I don't think. But I know you are still with me sometimes and I miss you. I wonder what life would be like if you were here. We'll see each other again one I am crying. ----Break ---- Dear Cooper, you sure look comfy on the couch right now. You have to be one of the most spoiled dogs in the neighborhood. Dear Zane, I don't know if you are reading this but if you are...we love and miss you. We are also worried about you. Call sometime. Dear New Laptop, where are you? What are you? I have yet to figure out which one I want and you have yet to show yourself. Dear Dad, I miss you. I really really miss you and wish you were still here with me. Dear Brittany, I am ready for summer. I want to see you!!!!! I love you princess...keep doing good in school rather you like it or not! Dear Shanna, sorry we haven't talked as much. I think we both are so damn busy and then we can talk at night....we are both falling into the bed sleepy! We'll catch up soon! Dear Bird Feeder, You have not only brought the little birds happiness but you have also given me so much happiness too! Who knew I liked bird watching!?  Dear Laci, Sorry for the delay in shipping out the will be there Monday! I love you sis!  Dear Tax Man, What happened to the days when you actually sent us money back but now we have to pay you MORE!? Its ridiculous! We stopped getting returns years ago and I totally miss you! Dear Giveaway winners, congratulations on winning! I love you guys which is why I love sharing items with you. But if you don't contact me, I can't send them to you. Always check back if you entered in a giveaway! Dear Romeo, I looooove you so much. Your such a love and we want you to live forever. Dear Summer, you can't come fast enough! Dear blog/youtube friends, Thank you guys for being sweet amazing friends. You guys have taught me so much and I simply adore you. I hope you have the most beautiful Friday ever! Stay tuned for a new recipe that will be popping up later this afternoon! xx