Friday Letters

Friday, April 10, 2015

Dear God, Thank you for blessing us with your love this past week. I am totally counting on you to get us through this life in one piece. I just want to see my children grow up and know they will be ok when I am no longer here. That's my only wish. Dear Scott, You drove me nuts last night and not make me so happy today. I don't know...maybe I am just sleepy and grumpy. Dear Birdies, I hope you are enjoying the new bird feeder I got for you! I want a bird in the house even though I have mixed feelings about keeping it caged, so watching you will have to do. Enjoy your feast! Dear Hair, you look and feel awful today. Thank goodness I dont have any big videos to film...maybe I should jump in the shower anyway. Dear friends that called last night, I was just too tired to talk. I promise we will catch up soon! Dear Jackson, I am so glad you are enjoying your spring break. I love you are playing outside more and more. Dear Romeo, you have a VET appointment in just a bit. I know you won't be happy but it should be quick.. and lets face it...we want you to live forever. Dear Mom, The clock is ticking and we will all be together! :) So happy to be getting on that big boat with you! Dear Emails, I need to catch up on you today or over the weekend. If you are waiting on me for a reply...I haven't forgotten you! Dear Brittany, I bet you don't have any idea how much I love you. I only stay on you because I want you to really succeed. Dear Headache, you are not going to defeat me today. Dear Laura, I hope you and the kids doing well! It won't be long until you are on the beach soaking in some sun! I'll tonight. Dear Bees, I don't mind you. I know our world needs you. But I am allergic and I really don't want to get stung. Buzz around the other houses! Dear Trina, I wish you lived closer! But it's nice that we can keep up with each other via the phone and social media. Dear Jordan, You have a voice. That is one of the best things about growing up into a young man. You can use it do good, spread love and kindness, stand up for what's right and so much more. Why be silent? We love and miss you. Dear Amazon, I just can't praise you enough. Your my new best friend. Dear Day, you have to become more productive. Dear New Terrarium, I loooove you! I might just have to make some more myself and display them around the house. Dear Laci, we need to catch up. Call me! Dear Self, you have got to get your body feeling better. Maybe you'r just getting old. Dear Blog/Youtube Friends, I hope you are having a wonderful Friday! I should be back with a new video later this evening. Thank you for coming around and visiting! It totally makes my day. ♥