Friday Letters ♥

Friday, April 3, 2015
Happy Happy Friday to you all! I hope your having a wonderful day. I am back sharing another edition of Friday Letters. Hope you enjoy! 

Dear God, Thank you for blessing us. We have a wonderful family, beautiful kids, and it's because of you. I love that you are gracing us with some warmer weather. Thanks for listening to my complaints, my prayers.

Dear Self, Don't let the little things bother you. There is plenty of beauty around and you just need to focus on that!

Dear Nails, its feels so weird to type after I cut you wayyyy back. But it was time to get off the acrylic powder and give them a break. But its still so strange and I don't really like the way my hands look with short nails but whatever!

Dear Scott, I love you very much! It's a big month for us with our wedding anniversary and your birthday! I might start doing some loooove post this next week! I love you even though some days you drive me nuts!

Dear Instagram, you made my life happier this week showing me pictures of everyones life. Follow me on @kjaggers and say hello!

Dear Hair, I have gotten so many complements on you. Guess I finally found the right color and style. BTW.. thanks to all you guys who left positive feedback!

Dear Trina, Thank you for being so kind to us. We love you and appreciate everything. I still wish you would come down for Easter.

Dear Feet, you feel so dry today. Need to break out the lotion.

Dear Emily Debrayda Phillips, your obituary that you wrote yourself was totally inspirational, sad, funny and sweet all at the same time. It was nice getting to know you a little bit. I hope you are resting in peace.

Dear Brittany, I love you so much. I love hearing your voice and your little giggles. Keep doing good in school because IT WILL PAY OFF.

Dear Cooper,
I wish you could empty the dishwasher like Baron. I guess we got to start with that training asap!

Dear Emails, I nearly caught up with you this week! Aaaaand then more came in because of my replies!!I guess I'll never be 'caught up', but it still feels good to make progress. The spam folder is working great too to keep down the unwanted emails.

Dear Jordan, I hope all is well. Why is it so hard to just start with a hello? I don't understand but I love and miss you anyway.

Dear Amazon, I love you... no joke. Its a bit of a curse but who cares...Your suggestions are killing me though.. it seems like you know me personally. Ha!

Dear Mom, I can tell how excited you are for that cruise! It won't be long now!!

Dear Gabby, this picture I posted yesterday takes me back to such good memories. Scott woke me up with a kitten on my belly and I couldn't have been happier! Your just as cute now as you were then!

Dear Blog, I am sorry I haven't kept up with you like I want. But I am slowly catching up and I hope that we can spend a lot more time together!

Dear Charter Communications, You totally suck. After being down all day Wednesday and then coming back up in the evening was bad enough. And then you went out late in the night AGAIN. I am starting to consider moving.

Dear Interstellar, I watched you last night and there were so many things I did not understand. Going to re-watch you tonight with Scott and figure you out more!

Dear Jackson, I was amazed at you coming home yesterday and cleaned your room. You did an awesome job and I am very proud of you. ♥

Dear Sleep, you seemed to stay away this week. How lovely of you. You contributed to my grumpiness and achy body. We need to try to be friends again.

Dear Laura, I know you are grown up with your own family. Just know the only reason we worry is because we love you. Kiss the kids for us.

Dear Bills, I don't know what I said to make you think that we were friends, but please stop just showing up in my mailbox uninvited. Its a little rude when you think about it...and I wish you would just stay away!

Dear Shanna, Thanks for being such a good friend. I love you dearly. And I hope everything works out the way you want it.

Dear Cooper, we need to go on more afternoon walks! I think the fresh air would do us both good.

Dear The View, I use to like you so much more. Hot topics is fine.. and makes me happy but the rest of the show is starting to bore me. Daytime TV is so disappointing. I guess its better to turn it off and get more done anyway.

Dear Youtube Subscribers, I know you may not think you make a difference, but that subscriber number is what it is because YOU added yourself! I am always so inspired by you. Thanks for making my day, every single day:)