Fitness Update & Inkwell Press Fitness Log Giveaway! | Video |

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hello friends! I am back sharing a new fitness update but I am also sharing a new Inkwell Press Product too! I have been working hard on trying to make more of an effort to eat a bit healither and work out a little bit more. Its a slow process but its starting to make me feel a little better so it's worth it. Then to my surprise my current favorite planner company came out with a new BeWell Fitness log. At first thought, I wasn't really thinking I would use it. I thought maybe I would get it and share it with you but probably not use it. Now that I have had time to really go through the book I am excited to start keeping track of everything. I guess it's just the planner girl in me that loves it! Check out the video for all the details....and there are more pictures and the giveaway entry form is below. 

So as I have mentioned, I have fallen in love with this comprdany. I am in love with the planners from Inkwell Press and I think this Beell fitness log is a great motivation to set some 3 month goals ( that's how long this book is suppose to last you ) and be able to see some results within the pages of this book. 

The first page is your tpyical information page where you put your information in case your planner gets lost. I use my PO Box instead of my home but I always list my phone number and email. I totally get it if you don't have a PO Box, but it never hurts to have one. Better safe than sorry. 

Then on the following 2 pages you have your 12 week BATTLEPLAN. The first page is questions to get you started and motivated. It asks you to set some goals and then it asks how will you reward yourself? Isn't that great!? Then on the very next page you have your weights and measurements. Yes, this area might suck for many of us but it is intended for you to really know what is going on with your body and it will help you track your progress through the 3 months. She has a printable where you can make a measuring tape in case you have don't one to get this done. She also has videos showing you how you need to measure. 

Then the following 2 page spread you have a plan and attack spreadsheet. ↑ This gives you the 12 week over view so you can figure out your schedule. This is a place for your workout plan. It gives you all the days... and you can check them off in the little boxes in the corners after you complete each workout. 

Then you move into the daily area. Each day has one full sheet. This sheet will not always be completely filled in. At the very top there is a place for the date, the focus for the day, there's a weight training section, and then there is a place to fill the total time of your workout and additional notes. 

Then at the bottom of the page is your food journal area. It gives you a place to list out your meals and snacks with the calories and such. It also has a water intake reminder to help us all drink more water. 

You also have weekly and monthly check ins so you can see your progress. This is not suppose to be this crazy extreme goal. Its a rather small goal over 3 months that almost any of us can accomplish. 

Then at the end of the journal you have the final check where you can really track how well you did. Maybe you will see you lost more weight and got stronger than what you thought. Maybe you will see that you need to do a little more. Either which way, you will see your progress. 

At the very end of the book, there is some handy information showing you the colories burned per minute on one page and then on the other is a handy guide to portion control. This is made to help us.. and I like that. 

The back 2 pages is also a helpful guide on sweet and savory snacks under 100 calories. This will totally be helpful. There are some great snack ideas that don't sound that bad! :) 

So over all, I think this book is super nice. It is designed a little smaller so it can fit in your purse or gym bag so you can fill it in at your convenience. It gives you time to reflect on your fitness goals each day so it keeps it in the front of your head. The paper is thick just like the planners and it designed very well. Since I love it so much, I am sharing it with a couple of you guys! I wish I could give a lot of these out but maybe I will do more when I do other fitness updates. Maybe next month I can share how this fitness log is working for me and share another giveaway! 

In order to enter you are going to have to go here and join in the facebook discussion. All the information is in the video. Just go to the post about this video and leave your thoughts there. After that, you can get more entries by following in the ways listed out in the rafflecopter form. Two winners will win the Inkwell Press Fitness Log for themselves. The giveaway is open to everyone.  All entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to enter.  You can enter by following the directions in the Rafflecopter widget posted below.   I’ll announce the winners on THIS blog and post contact the winner directly through email.  Good luck!

If you are interested in going ahead and getting one of these journals you can click here and get 20% off your first order! Good luck to everyone!