Belated Tuesday Talks & Truths!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Hello friends! I am skipping out on Wednesday Hodgpodge today and sharing a belated Tuesday Talks and Truths. Hope you enjoy! 

:: Yesterday was a busy day with Scott home so this post did not go up. Not to mention, my laptop has a mind of itself and I think it decided it wanted a break for a few days! Right now it's running fine but who knows how long that will last. As of right now, I have it on my schedule tomorrow to go get a new laptop. I feel like if I do it... this one will work fine and if I wait....this laptop is going to crash. Decisions decisions. 

:: I need to start my weekly cleaning in a few minutes. I already got 30 minutes in on the treadmill this morning. Scott woke me up this morning and I woke up feeling good. Plus I wanted to get my little workout done and out of the way. Plus the garage was cool and I didn't get all hot and sweaty. Gotta love that!

:: I hope the rain stays away today. Sunshine just makes everything better. 

:: I tried to go get a new SC drivers license.   and it didn't work out. They turned me away again. Some of my cards are in my maiden name...some in my divorced name and some in my married name. That's what I get for never switching things over. Next up.. a new social security card before a new license. Sigh. Things never work out how I expect. 

:: Saying we are disappointed over one of our sons would be a understatement. We feel shut out and sad over not hearing from him and scared how life is going to be for him. I just hope no matter what happens or who comes in and out of his life, he is ok. I am all but certain that he's not wanting to come here and leave what he knows and trusts. We miss him.

:: Can you believe that we have one more day left in April!? Gosh time really does fly by. In the month of May we have my moms birthday and mothers day! However, when June rolls around, it will almost time to get on that big boat! 

:: I have a lot of emails to respond to. I got through a few last night before bed....but hopefully later today or tonight, I can respond to more...if the computer cooperates! Yesterday alone I got 5 messages from this contact form. I am shocked at how much you guys use glad it's handy for you guys! :)

:: Jackson got his progress report in yesterday. All A's & B's with the exception of one C. We can totally handle that! I am so happy he is doing better in school. He use to hate it but now that he is getting better grades, its better. We were so happy and proud for him. 

:: The house this morning is like a racetrack for the kitty cats. I wonder if they are happy I am up or what but they are running so fast...chasing each other. It's fun to watch! 

:: I need to gather up the items I need to film tomorrows video. Its monthly favorites time! :)

:: I hate both of the fake sugar blends I recently bought. Sorry mom. Looks like I am sticking to sugar and just cutting back. What a waste of money! 

:: We grilled out last night and it was sooooooooo good. There is no substitution for a charcoal grill. Gas never makes me happy and it never makes the food taste as good. Summer is around the corner!

:: I haven't made much time for my favorite youtubers. I am hoping to catch up this week. It's been such a struggle with a finicky laptop. Maybe God just wanted me and the laptop a break...when all else fails....grab a good book! 

:: Scott and I watched the Wedding Ringer last night. Even though it's not a kid friendly movie with all the cursing but we watched it after Jackson went to bed..,.and we laughed through the entire movie. We are huge Kevin Hart fans! :)

:: Watching Toya Graham get her son out of the Boston streets during the riots broke my heart. It broke my heart that she had to be there looking for her child and then to find him with a rock in his hand deserved a ass whoppin like she gave him. I am not in favor of hitting your kids but sometimes a point has to be made....that they will never forget. She simply didn't want her son to die. Maybe all the parents in that area need to take note and go get their children out of the streets. 

I hope you guys have a great Wednesday! I will be back in a while with a new video. This break is over.. time to toss laundry and get moving through cleaning up the 2nd floor. Thanks for stopping by. If you are new here, I'd love it you took a second to subscribe!