Week in Review: DITL Vlog & Weekly To Do's!

Monday, March 16, 2015
Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. As many of you know... I post a week in review recapping what happened over the week & weekend. Its something that I have been doing off and on for years. Its just a simple way to give you guys a glimpse into our week. I have changed up the vlogging schedule where I will be uploading a Day in the life vlog Monday...as always and then another on Thursday. Monday's vlog will cover Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the previous week and Thursdays vlog will be for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Actually I might be adding more vlogs in during the week...depending on how much I vlog.

Here's what's went on around here the past few days:

Thursday I was just starting to get somewhat back to schedule. After Laura left it was time to get back into the swing of things. I love Laura and I hope it didn't seem different in the catching up video. Toddlers bring a lot of stress to any home and at the end of each night we were falling on the couch together laughing about how crazy the day was. And she only had 2 of the 3 kids... so imagine her day to day busy life. She sure has her hands full and she also knows she can walk back through our door with one or all three of the kids. Our door is always open to all of our kids. It did take me a while to feel good about catching up and getting back on schedule. I totally understand why our oldest daughter doesn't want a planner yet. I love planners and have offered many times to get her one thinking it would make her life easier but I found out last week that was a bit silly of me. With such young kids, there is very little room for planning or true schedules short of a to do list. So many of my activities were changed or cancelled and it was just from being busy all day with young kids in the house. Now I understand her reasoning! Aren't those babies in the picture above as cute as ever!? You'd never know that they kicked our adult butts over and over! Hahahahaha....it's true!

I really thrive and get things done when I have some kind of road map of how I want the day to go. This could be a to do list, notes on the chalkboard wall, the to do list below or my handy dandy Inkwell Press Planner which I love so much. As you can tell, it was a bit hectic last week and it took a while for me to get things balanced out. 

I just started back slowly so I didn't get overwhelmed. I like to stick to one task at a time until the job is done. The first day it was grocery and household shopping. It was something I had to get done and then I moved on to other to do's through out the week. On Friday I worked around the house and online with emails and such then I made some me time. I took off and got my hair and nails done making me feel like a new person. :) A little pampering is always nice!  I don't know why it's so hard to keep up with things when people are home or here visiting. I guess I want to just hang out with them instead of working. I have to admit, the toddler kicked our butts but having Laura here to hang out with and kinda give me a break was nice. I didn't stress about what I wasn't getting done for the most part. Instead my full attention went to her, the kids, and Scott.

The weekend approached and the weather changed. It went from a cold rainy few days to sunshine, birds singing, kids playing outside... it was simply wonderful. I do want to move but I feel so blessed to see mountains all the time. There is something so peaceful about this area. It's growing on me. And let me say, North Carolina doesn't hold a candle to South Carolina. It's so much nicer here.

I want to look for a new house in the area but if I have to be here because of Scott's work.. I think I am ok with it. It's grown on me and I feel relaxed here. It's a beautiful state really and there is so much more of it I want to explore. With the rise in the temperatures, I have actually been feeling better. The sunshine is amazing and everyone around here has been out in their yards, kids are back to playing outside, and the birds are chirping again.

Saturday night I was busy with Scott. He wanted to get some stuff to redo the boys bathroom so we did some night shopping together. I think he actually had a good time picking out stuff that he and he alone likes. I helped but he mainly picked out everything and seemed to really be having a good time. I got a highlighter kit that I tried out leaving my hair more with orange highlights which did not make me very happy. I tried and tried to wash them out but it just was not happening. So I ended up going to bed a carrot top Saturday night. And no.. I didn't take pictures! Saturday I was opening some mail later in the night and was so surprised to have received such a sweet gift from a youtube/blog/friend that has exchanged books with me and really has been such a sweet friend. She sent a bunch of owl stickers for my birthday and some coupons for my favorite Mighty Leaf Tea. It was so generous and kind. Thank you so much Kiiresten! Romeo climbed up in bed with me and we got a great nights sleep together. There is something so sweet hearing a purring noise next to you in bed from a big fat cuddly kitty cat.

For whatever reason, I woke up Sunday morning before either of the boys. I sprung out of bed and took one look in the mirror and knew I had to do something. I called the girl who cut my hair and she was actually working Sunday morning. I was in the car at 9am heading in to get it fixed. I just required a toner and I was all good.. and had a nice blow out too. The boys were still sound asleep by time I got home an hour later. :) I was so thankful it was fixed. I won't do that again. She said if I had left it on a bit longer it probably would have lightened and not had that brassy tint to it. But it was looking pretty white and I wasn't going for a Gwen Stefani look ya know. I just had to wash it off but apparently that was not the right decision. Once I was back home with my fresh cut and.... now color, I got busy washing blankets and clothes... eventually waking my husband up at 1pm. He works so many hours, I figured the sleep was doing him a lot of good. Once he was up the boys went out to have a little fun and I had some time to work even more around the house. I knew today was going to be super busy so I just had to go with it and get as much of the weekly cleaning done as possible. It felt amazing with the spring breeze blowing through the windows. 

All the kitty cats loved it too. I think they wish they could roam outside but that will never happen without them being harnessed up and taking a quick walk. I just couldn't put them outside. Spring just makes everything seem better. Sun makes everything better. It was truly a wonderful Sunday. I stayed rather busy as did Scott with painting his bathroom but there was time to fly a kite with Jackson in the backyard, breaks out on the front porch with a glass of sweet tea as the afternoon passed by. I talked to Laura this morning, Brittany too.. and knowing that both of the girls were ok over the weekend just made it even better. ♥ All the kids doing well and happy just puts me at peace. 

This weeks to dos

  • Get Jackson to the Dr. in just a few minutes...then to school. 
  • Finish weekly cleaning
  • Clean up back deck....it needs to look more spring like! 
  • Drink less Mt. Dew and more healthier drinks...does sweet tea count!?
  • Package up giveaway packages and mail out later in the week. 
  • Work on thank you notes... and send out at the same time the packages go out. 
  • Call and catch up with mom. 
  • Finish my current book
  • Take the animals to get fixed on Tuesday. Super Cooper and all the female kitty cats are going in together. 
  • Paint toe nails
  • Brush out the animals before they go to their Vet appointment. 
  • Go through closet and toss more clothes that I no longer want. 
  • Start looking for a new house. Scott said find one and we can move....guess I better get busy!
  • Continue to work in the spare bedroom. Still a lot to do in there. 
  • Get back to walking and yoga. 
  • Clean the mini blinds. A job I don't enjoy but I have a little tool that makes it easy at least. 
  • Try to stay ahead of the game with the videos this week. 
  • Balance check book. :\ I'm terrible with numbers but I try!
  • Clean out car....I hate doing it in winter..but it's warm enough now to get it done. It's almost time I can put the top down! 
  • Dump pictures from phone for space. 
  • Look for a new book shelf to get the metal shelf out of the master bedroom. Maybe Ikea. 
  • Kiss my husband and son more! 
  • Buy birdseed for homemade bird feeders. 
  • Toss old makeup, lotions and such. Declutter! 

Here's some inspiration to take a long with through the week:

Right now the sun is pouring in, and we should have ourselves a beautiful day. Guess what our weather is going to be!?

Ha! Another beautiful day. I am so excited! Here's looking forward to many more spring days that will turn into summer days, kids giggling, birds chirping, and a new week..with new goals and hopes. I don't hate Monday's like so many. I love a fresh week. Thanks for hanging around last week when the life was crazy and I got overwhelmed. Here's to a beautiful and blessed week to us all. Happy Monday!

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