Tuesday Talks & Truths

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Hello friends! Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Talks and Truths. Hope you enjoy! 

- It's a beautiful day. It was suppose to be rainy but to our surprise the sun is shinning and there is not a hint of rain! I really understand why older people love Florida. The sunshine simply makes you feel better.

- I went to bed late on Sunday night and I still don't think I have caught up on sleep. Monday I got up early and even today I didn't sleep in as long as I should have. Maybe tonight...

- I get so many facebook friend requests on my personal page. I wonder if people are getting the pages mixed up. My personal fb page has my maiden name on it and my facebook fan page is simply kishajaggers or you can find me under The Not So Glamorous French Housewife. I just can't accept people I don't know on my facebook page.

- I am so disappointed in my home state. Leave it to some Republican to raise all kinds of hell. What gets me is this new law is so messed while so many more states and people in America are embracing civil rights for everyone. It's pathetic and sad. I personally think it's a civil rights issue that we should not accept.

- I was so frustrated with Jackson yesterday. He had a ball at the bottom of the stairs that I did not see Monday morning. So I stepped on it... fell and hurt my knee and elbow. Then none of his chores were done, he had taken stuff out of my room without permission and to top it off his room was a disaster. Well yesterday he came home and really got busy. And he wants me to pay him for extra stuff. YEA RIGHT.

- I should probably get to the store today or tomorrow and get what we need for Easter dinner. I am going to be sharing a Easter Bread recipe this week...so come back if you want to maybe make it for your family Sunday!

- Have I mentioned how much I love Amazon Instant Video? It's simply amazing and I make the most out of all the movies, shows and documentaries they have to offer.

- Scott is home today. It's been kinda rough the past few days but we are getting through it and I hope we have a wonderful time together today. I really do love him with all my heart.

- I am still trying to figure out how to get a bird in this house. I need the perfect spot where the cats cant get to it. But in the meantime my little outside song birds can chirp to me all day long!

- I think I need a new microphone so I can do voice overs better. Yep.. going to look for one.

- CNN has been messing up all damn morning and I am sick of it. Fox news is banned from my home so it's been MSNBC is better than nothing. Come on CNN....I miss you.

- The house is looking really good. Each day there is less and less clutter making it easier to clean up. It's not easy getting rid of stuff but it does make me feel better.

- Gabby is still coming to my door about 5 or 6 am each morning and meowing non stop. It's hard to sleep through and I could get up and just let her in but instead I lay there through it...and it's getting to be a little much.

- My debit card is not working....thanks to the bank who is doing system updates. I was not notified and it won't be done until after 5pm our time today. It totally upsets me...we were not notified AT ALL. Really really inconvenient. And Scott is on the phone with them right now. The support team is working on the error is what they keep telling him. THANKS BANK OF AMERICA.

- It's so nice to see mom's doing the right thing. This story totally touched my heart last night. She handled her daughters the right way...and its amazing how the internet sends things around so fast.

-  Super Cooper smells....I think Scott should give him a bath today.

- Jackson left his ipad on the bus yesterday which scared me to death...but today we were called to pick it up after school. Another husby errand!

- Scott and I went out to lunch to grab a burger. It was delicious but it seemed like we were waiting forever. I was sooooooo happy to eat and get back home.

Thanks for visiting today. I'll be back in a bit with a new video!