Sunday Inspiration

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hello friends! I hope your Sunday is going well. We are still taking things kinda slow around here. Non of us care that we are in the afternoon or really care about what we need to get done today. Instead we are hitting the reboot and getting some rest and relaxation. The boys need it. Today's Sunday inspiration post is just a reminder of the examples we set... the love we show or don't always show.  In my young 20's I ran around without a care in the world. I just thought I would live forever and there would be plenty of time for all the things I wanted to change about myself.  Then the kids were born. I still was not the shining example of anything...but as the years have gone by and I have gotten older; I have learned that I am in fact being watched, imitated and that alone scares me to death. Yea. The kids have been watching and learning the entire time. Now there is nothing I can change about the way I parented or silly decisions I made without much forethought but right now in this present moment, with Gods help I can be whatever example I choose to be. The youngest children in our family are now 12 and 13 years old. This is the time that I know my example will most likely be followed. So life around here has changed a lot. It's actually evolving or maybe I am just growing as a person. Until now I have really never noticed the kids watching me or our family but now I feel the pressure. I feel the pressure to be as loving as I can, and know that I am the biggest influence in their lives. Period. So inside of me, that non caring free spirit has kinda tempered down and starting to invest in the younger generation more and more. 

Youth has passed for me. It's so strange but now it's not so much about myself. It's more about them. When I was talking to my sister the other day...I was explaining to her that I was behind in a few things. I went on to say I needed to start with the stuff the kids and Scott the house and then computer work. I explained that family and kids come first. Then everything else follows. She replied back with " when did you get so wise? " It was kinda funny! But it's been hard trying to balance out my life. Either I worked a lot, traveled a lot, went out too much... so many different things but the past couple of years has really shown me that really what matters most is bringing up the kids to be strong independent good people of the world. I am no longer the kid. Like I said.. its so weird getting older. With being on this planet almost 40 years, I have learned that self transformation takes a long time and a lot of work. Today's decisions are tomorrows reality. And I have never felt it so strong as I do right now. I am far from mom or wife of the year but I think with age comes wisdom and I think we are evolving into the people and family we were meant to be. Believe me, I know none of it would be possible without God guiding us. xx