Late Night Tuesday Talk & Truths

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy Tuesday Friends! I am back with another edition of Tuesday Talks & Truths...even if it's up a little later than expected. Hope you enjoy!

* I think the little room in the picture above would be the perfect kind of new prayer/meditation room or area I want in our home. There is something pulls me to India and Indian design. It's taken a long time for me to really figure out what I like, but I know for sure I like this...and all the other pictures in this blog post. Hope you like them too. 

* Jackson got grounded again tonight. We have jumped into the preteen and teen years with all the little kids. And the way it has began makes me worry.

* I was helping Scott upstairs today and when I got back to my phone all the important women in my life called in this order. 

Trina 3:54pm
Brittany Belle 4:08pm
Shanna 5:33pm
Mom 6:01pm
Margie Jaggers 6:06pm

I called back a few already but the rest are going to have to wait until tomorrow. It was funny though! :) That's some girl power for ya. I promise they could run the world. 

* It was crazy around the house today. I love Scott being here but having him be a handy man just doesn't work. The shower rod installation should have taken 15 - 30 max. It took much longer for us to figure it out. The truth is, he doesn't read directions. I left to film a video and he actually called and got some help from the manufacturer. I was also filming him off and on for the review and it was craaaaazy. Then Jackson came home with a lot of energy which made our crazy house even crazier. And lets not forget of Super Cooper bouncing around the house. I need a long bath tonight!

*It's late and the kitchen is a total mess. I am getting up in just a few minutes to clean it up. No fun.

* I am still dreaming of another house. I think it's time to really start looking. I knew there is somewhere else around here that would suit us better. 

* My back is hurting. Its felt like a full time job around the house today. Plus my calf muscles are hurting from walking last night. I really don't like it but tomorrow I'm doing another 30 minutes.

* There's been no good movies on here the past few days. I have been watching reruns of series I have been loving but finished. So I am making the best of it but we want a good movie around here!

* I feel kinda bad admitting we are suppose to have a 73 degree day while many of my friends up north are being hit with another 12 - 15 inches of snow. Yikes! Just glad for we are getting a glimpse of spring around here.

* With me being so behind tonight there is no way I am going to get to bed at a decent hour tonight. Bed sounds really good right now but it is going to wait an hour or two. It's what I get for having a busy day with Scott home.

* I keep wondering what is going to happen with Jodi Arias. I don't think they are going to put her to death but who knows. She certainly deserves it but my guess is it won't happen. Time will tell... just waiting on the jury to figure it out.

* My family is still hurting from my Aunt passing away just a couple days ago. However, I do know my mom loves seeing all her brothers too. They have been catching up during this difficult time and it's a little piece of  joy in a very sad time.

* My daughter is flipping out about the no wifi. Just like Jackson she is going to have to suck it up. They have to realize that all their decisions from now till the end of their lives have consequences. You choose the behavior, you choose the consequences.

* Ive got a to do list for tomorrow of things I want to get done...and I am already tired thinking about it. Maybe I can make a video of it and share my mini goals.

* I am tired of people complaining about Hilary. So what she used a private email. Gosh Republicans...go find her running over a bunch of nuns or kids...or kicking a puppy in the park because the crap your putting out there now makes you look so you are grabbing at straws. Move on.

* The pantry is actually staying organized. I don't like to film a video of a newly organized area until we test it out and really see how it works for us. This time its staying clean and organized with very little effort. Yay! There's another upcoming video for ya!

* I need to get down some cookbooks for new recipes. I still like the good old fashioned book. Online recipes are great but there is just something about opening a cook book and flipping through the pages.

* A bunch of emails came in today and I have a lot that need a reply. Just hang on.. they are coming!

* I think it's time for bangs to cover the wrinkles. And Taylor Swifts new haircut is pretty close to what I am wanting. It always takes so long for me to get there and actually get it cut but it's happening soon for sure.

* I am doing a little better with drinking less Mountain Dew. I seriosuly was drinking 7-8 cans a day. That's a lot. Too much actually so I am going to try harder to drink more water but... I will still have my favorite drinks, just not as many!

* Isn't that an amazing cake...I would totally love this for my birthday but I doubt Scott will walk through the door with it. But maybe by next year I will talk him into it! 

I hope you guys had a great Tuesday. I'll see ya tomorrow. I have a late night date with the kitchen! I plan on cleaning super fast so I can get it done, get a shower, and finally climb in my comfy bed. xx