Friday Letters ♥

Friday, March 27, 2015
Happy Friday everyone! Here is another edition of Friday Letters....Hope you enjoy! 

Dear God, Thank you for listening to my prayers, bringing spring back around and all the little things I have experienced this week. I still don't understand why certain things happen or why I have to deal with certain life situations but I am thankful for another week on this planet with my family and friends.

Dear Rain, I love you but you do nothing for motivation. I am going to get my butt up and get something/anything accomplished.

Dear Self, Get back on the treadmill and continue to try to get a little more fit.  Not trying to work any miracles...just trying to feel better.

Dear Jordan, When you call....say hi. I think you are too old and too smart to waste so much time. No matter how scary it is... I promise it will all work out for the better. I love and miss you.

Dear Clothes, It felt soooo good getting rid of so many pieces yesterday. I spent 8 hours up stairs on the second floor and 4 hours was devoted to going through you piece by piece and just doing it. I feel soooo much better now!

Dear Scott, Thank you for all you do for us. You know I love you and I am sorry for loosing my patience sometimes. I am trying though. I feel like we will be together for the rest of our lives so I need to get over the small stuff. But please try to not intentionally drive me nuts! :) There are laundry baskets in the hallway for a reason.

Dear Treadmill, I hate you.

Dear Teeth, after whitening you last hurt sooooooo bad. I could feel sharp pains running through the teeth into the gums and had to get the whitener off FAST. Why does it have to be so painful.

Dear Romeo, you are still the coolest kitty cat on the planet.

Dear Walls, If I stay here, you are going to have to be painted. I hate all the spots that I see on a daily basis. It's seems better to just move.

Dear Jackson, I am sooooooo happy with your report card this time. I knew you could do it! All A's & B's calls for celebration. I love you!

Dear Mom, I can't wait to see you on the cruise! It's coming soon....I doubt I will ever want to get off that big boat.

Dear Brittany, Sorry we didn't talk last night. I was super tired and a bit grumpy. I'll call in a bit when I think you are out of bed! Love you bunches.

Dear Flight 9525, I can't believe the co pilot crashed you with all the souls on the plane. It's not was murder through and through. May you rest in peace. Our prayers are with your families.

Dear Zane, We love and miss you. See ya in April.

Dear Trina, Thank you so much with the help. I will send over all the info as you asked...and we'll see how far we get. I bet it's further than what I will get doing nothing! Thank you. We love you so much.

Dear Body, I am trying to make you happy....but you could cooperate a little more.

Dear Joan Collins, I thought you looked so beautiful here. I doubt I will ever have that kind of elegance but you looked amazing. And I loved the veil.

Dear Toes, you need painted.

Dear Spring, I am so happy for you to be finally creeping upon us. We really need some sunshine.

Dear Cooper, You look so peaceful sleeping right now. It's crazy how a big golden retriever can curl up in such a small ball.

Dear Shanna, I wish we were closer to each other. It would be so nice to come sit in your kitchen and enjoy a cup of coffee. I miss you.

Dear One Direction Crazies, I promise it will be ok that Zayn left. Not all things are meant to last forever. Find something more worthy of your time instead of silly boy bands. Life is so much more.

Dear S.T., So sorry I got you confused with someone else. I was happy to hear from you and I really apologize for being rude. I was just hyper sensitive on the subject. Sorry.

Dear Planners, you make my life so much easier! I am so happy I found my planner peace through Inkwell Press Planner. You can use that link and get 20% off if you are interested.

Dear Grandma, I wish I was closer to you. I am going to check on you this weekend. I love you.

Dear Stomach, sorry you are not handling well the tons of coffee I have put in you today. I'll get some food in me very soon....and maybe that will make you feel better.

Dear Gabby, I have never had a kitty cat that meowed so much. You just a talker...and I seriously think you understand almost everything I say.

Dear 2nd Floor, I kicked your butt yesterday. You look so much better and it a way the house kinda feels lighter after getting rid of so much stuff. I don't know where I am going to start next. But we are cleaning out house and getting rid of all the clutter you have been storing.

Dear Hilary, Please just say you are running. I will donate, get signs, teeshirts....all of it.. But not until I hear those words that you are running. I really believe you can do it. YOU CAN WIN!

Dear Cooper, you are snoring so loud right now... just like your dad.

Dear Elephant in this Story, Its amazing to me that animals are more natural with their babies than humans are. I am so glad your little baby made it out safe and sound.

Dear Amanda Knox, I bet you are scared to death right now. I don't know what is going to happen but it's nerve racking for me watching on it must be crazy to you.

Dear Car, I should have cleaned you out on a warm day. Now its back to chilly rainy weather for the entire weekend. Guess it's just going to have to wait.

Dear Laci, You and I are in such a better place now. I think we both just needed to grow up. You are more than just my sister... your a trusted friend. I love you.

Dear Oreo, It is hard to decide what to do with you. If I take you to a no kill shelter, I am stealing you from the neighbor. If I just leave you outside, anything can happen. Plus Scott would miss you. Idk. I just hate seeing you cold, wet, beat up and hungry. There is a home out there that would take good care of you.

Dear Carrie, we need to catch up! I wonder how you have been feeling.

Dear Grill, I can't wait to get you fired up again. Summer nights outside sound so amazing.

Dear Blog/Youtube friends, Thank you so much for stopping by. I am so amazed by the kindness you guys have shown me over the years. Your friendships mean the world to me. Stay tuned for a new video coming up later today. xx