Friday Letters ♥

Friday, March 6, 2015
Happy Friday friends! I am back with another edition of Friday Letters. Hope you enjoy! 

Dear God, Thank you for listening to my prayers and keeping me around for my kids another week. We are so blessed and I know it.

Dear Sunshine, You look so amazing beaming through the windows. We need more sunshine and less cold. We are off to a good start today!

Dear Gabby, I don't understand why you have to meow outside my door every morning. If you would stay calm, you could sleep in there with me. But most importantly....I don't need a live kitty cat alarm!

Dear Scott, Thank you for picking up the kitchen this morning. I hate how many hours you have been working but I am proud of you for it. I love you.

Dear Aunt Donetta, I know we were not super close but I hope you are resting in peace at this point. You will be missed and I know that your children are hurting right now. I wish you could have had more time.

Dear Jordan, I miss you. I really want to talk to you. I wish you could find the courage that I know you have. Just remember that life is not promised to any of us. You can't get time back so stop waiting.

Dear House, I have so many plans for you. We are doing our best to declutter and clean things up around here. Baby steps!

Dear Jodi Arias, I don't know what I wish for you. What you did was so terrible... I hope your in prison for the rest of your life. I don't understand how you could do something like that to someone you say you loved.

Dear Mom, You know I almost feel jealous when you are home and I'm not. :) I am sorry for the reason you are up there but I am glad you are getting to hang out with our family. I know they love and miss you too.

Dear Cooper, You are such a happy dog. You look like you are smiling all the time. I hate that you are getting older ( like the rest of us! ) and not feeling as good as you use to.

Dear Certain Youtubers, A few of you guys are seriously getting on my nerves. It's happened a couple of times and instead of saying something mean... I simply unsubscribed. See it's that easy.

Dear Laura, We love you. I think your such a blessing. Call anytime.

Dear Body, One day at a time right!? I promise that I am working on getting you feeling better. Baby steps.

Dear Brittany Belle, No matter what it feels like...we love you more than you will ever realize. We are being parents... not your friends.

Dear Dad, it's your birthday month. Some people might think I am crazy for having such a relationship with the dead. But I don't feel like your gone. I feel like you live inside of me and I also think you are around sometimes. Pop in on your birthday. I am going to buy a new western movie and leave it playing all day.. just for you. I miss you more than I can express.

Dear Laci, You are so busy bur I love keeping up through you with your pictures! You have a dream job for a girl in her 20's! Who wouldn't love to see Mickey Mouse everyday!? I love you.

Dear Mail Woman, Sorry if I got you into trouble or anything. I was just worried for 4 days and no mail. That rarely happens....but thanks for all the stops.

Dear Trina, Sorry you haven't been feeling so good. Try to take it easy a little bit more. Your always so busy!

Dear The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, I can't wait to see you!

Dear Jackson, It's the weekend! No school for a few days should give you plenty of time to get that room cleaned up! :) I love you.

Dear Romeo, I love you kitty cat. We need to have a photo shoot soon!

Dear Blog/Youtube Friends, Thank you guys for stopping by and sharing in our lives You all give me such inspiration and getting to know you is such a blessing.