Catching Up! | Quick Vlog |

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hello friends! I hope your having a great Thursday. I recorded this video yesterday in hopes of catching up a little bit! We have had company for a little while and it's so easy to fall behind when things get busy. Our oldest daughter came to visit with a couple of the kids. I totally have a new respect of how much she goes through on a daily basis....and we only had 2 of the 3 of the grand children. I got a comment on this video saying it made it sound like it was just an awful experience and she probably wouldn't feel right coming back. First off...Laura is just as much aware of the stress that we all experienced. I mean, she lives with all 3 kids everyday. She got hit in the face 2x with different toys, she had little to no breaks because the 2 year old is attached to her at the hip, and the new baby is easy but still was a little whiny. It was a new place and none of them or us were on our regular schedules. It was insane at times. At the end of the first full day after the kids were finally asleep we just fell out on the couch together and couldn't help but to laugh at how crazy it was. Then the next day, we had sick kids. After the 3rd time Harper got sick on her mom...I just started praying out loud.

It's just a hard age and hard to watch Laura go through so much. No wonder that woman is stressed out. Her husband too. I think as the years pass and the kids get older, she will get more breaks but Laura didn't really stop...and we were helping. I think if we could clone would be so much easier! It's a young family who really is struggling in a lot of ways raising younger kids. I did it already but only with 2! I am hoping that she will get back into her normal routine that they are now back home and the stress level will go down. It's so hard and I really wish we all lived closer together so we could help out a little more. Maybe one day!

Anyway, I thought I would catch up in a quick little vlog:

I didn't get a chance to get up a WIR on Monday but here's a few of my to do's that I need to work on the rest of the week and weekend! 

  • Check so many to go through. 
  • Get list together for trip to the store. 
  • Call dmv for a little question and answer session. 
  • Scoop cat boxes. Yuck..Yuck..Yuck.
  • Take time to clean and organize the frig. 
  • I need to do a detailed cleaning of all the bathrooms  in our house. 
  • Get to the po box this weekend. 
  • Clean up files on laptop. 
  • Get back to walking and yoga. 
  • Try to catch up on filming videos. 
  • Brush out the cats. 
  • Toss laundry around. 
  • Work in planner and calendars. 

And to be honest, there are so many more things I need to done. But I am taking things one step at a time right now. Next up.. shopping! :) We need a few things around here so I am going to get that job done today. Hope you have a beautiful and blessed Thursday.