Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday. I am back with another Tuesday Truths post....hope you enjoy! 

  • This weather is killing me! It's freezing here and there is snow everywhere. Just when I thought we were safe from snow, God shows me that we are not. Burrrrrrrrrrrrr. 
  • We have been worried about the neighbors outside animals. You know it has to be miserable for them. 
  • Scott actually went into work this morning but they think they will be locking up in just a few hours and coming home. 
  • I followed my to do list perfectly yesterday and accomplished so much! It works for me to follow the pan.
  • I have one more video to record before we head out on our trip tomorrow. I can't believe how much I got done yesterday which included recording, editing, and uploading 3 videos plus working around the house and I also went shopping. Busy busy lady I am! :)
  • Jackson sleep habits have totally been changing. He is sleeping much later now. Sigh...moving right into the teenage years. 
  • I have to confess, I am a little grumpy today. Hopefully I can get myself in a better mood so I don't take it out on Jackson & Scott. 
  • We really have one of the nicest housesitter ever. Normally it's men but she is so nice and I consider her a friend more than anything else. And her significant other totally reminds me of some guy right out of ZZ Top. :)
  • My mom called me crying about her sister last night. My Aunt is in really bad shape health wise and it's not looking good. The entire family is worried. We need your prayers for her. 
  • I'm thankful Scott brought firewood into the garage to dry out last night. I was kinda upset at how cold he was making the house bringing it in but I am thankful today. It's freezing!
  • I'm afraid the roses I got for Valentines Day are going to be dead before we get back on Friday. It kinda sucks today is the last day I am going to be enjoy the pretty flowers. 
  • Scott said no driving today. I'm surprised he didn't try to steal my keys. I guess he don't want me ending up in a ditch....again. I think I will be staying home today.
  • The kids have been sledding all morning and afternoon. Snow is rare here in our area so they are taking full advantage of it! 
  • I have been loving a new series I started watching on Amazon Instant Video called Cranford with Judi Dench and I love it! 
  • I really need to paint my nails....t-o-d-a-y.
  • I am going to put Jackson to work today helping clean up the house. I hate leaving the house messy so we have some work to do soon.
  • I really wish I could get a little bird that would sing to me all the time but the cats would tear it apart feather by feather. It's just not meant to be I guess. 
  • I have a ton of packing later to do tonight. Most of the time I don't mind it...but I am not really looking forward to all the work tonight. I'll probably start sooner than later. 
  • I miss my friends back up in Indiana. I won't move there but I am considering a move up to the Highlands in Kentucky which is close but not there. Who knows what the future holds. 
  • I got to get dinner out of the freezer for tonight. I don't really want to cook with the busy schedule but we are going to be eating out the next 3 days so I guess I can get in the kitchen tonight. 
I hope you guys are a great Tuesday! I'll be back in a while with a new video...stay tuned!