Friday Letters ♥

Friday, February 27, 2015

Dear God,
Thank you for another week on this world. I might not always show how grateful I am but I am glad that you know deep in my heart that I am. Every second counts and I will never take that for granted.

Dear Thursday,
I am so glad you are over. You were my " Monday " and it was just not my day. I didn't feel well and the day did not start as I had planned and certinally didn't go the way I wanted throughout the day.

Dear Brittany,
I am sorry that you are still without wifi. Maybe you shouldn't lie to your parents!! Remember you get double the punishment for not being honest. I love you....and this won't last forever!

Dear Cooper,
You look so comfy laying on that couch. I guess it's better than the floor huh!? Maybe we can go for a walk later today if it warms up.

Dear Mornings,
It's been so hard to drag myself out of the warm bed on cold mornings. I seriously can't stand it. Today was no fun getting Jackson to school for the 2 hour delay. Sitting in traffic first thing in the morning doesn't make me a happy person.

Dear Mom,
You always stay so busy. I can't wait to see you on that big boat in a few months. :) Love you!

Dear Jihadi John,
I hope they give you the same the respect you have given to all the victims that you killed in God's name. Nothing is going to enough, except a bullet in your head. It might sound terrible but you have caused enough pain in the world already.  You really don't want to know what I wish they would do to you. Now we know who you are....your death warrant is already signed. Don't worry... we will leak your death photos online just like you do and maybe you will be able to see them from hell.

Dear Romeo,
you look so comfy laying beside Cooper. I guess everyone in this house is tired today. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Dear Jackson,
You need to clean your room!!! I love you. Have a great day at school!

Dear Coffee,
You are NOT working yet. Where's the energy? Maybe I have just been drinking you for too long for you to actually work. Idk.

Dear Laura,
Thank you for the yoga tips. Its been making me feel a little better. We love you. Kiss the kids for us!

Dear Shanna,
Sorry I was such a grump last night. It was just a long day and I needed some sleep. We'll talk in a bit!

Dear Snow,
I liked seeing you the FIRST TIME. Now...I'm over it. The sun is out today and working hard at melting you all away. Goodbye till next year.

Dear Body,
I guess its time to make up for all those years I abused you. I feel old and you hurt more and more. I need to start eating better and doing a little bit of exercise in hopes it helps. Maybe the next part of my life will be healthier than the first.

Dear Jordan,
I wish you were around. I feel like you are missing out on so much time. It's your choice...we love you regardless.

Dear Emails,
I really need to catch up on always!

Dear Scott,
I wish you didn't work so much. I guess it's just the business but I miss you. We miss you.

Dear Carrie,
its been a while since we have talked. We need to catch up! I hope your feeling ok.

Dear Laci,
I wish you were closer! I wish we could just meet up for lunch. I miss my sister.

Dear House,
I need to work in you today. I am kinda getting a late start but you always get my time regardless if I want to give it or not. I wish you could clean yourself.

Dear Video,
you are also on today's to do list today. And you will suck up a lot of time. But I still love it so I'm not complaining. Just another thing to do in the next little bit.

Dear Jackson,
Like Brittany, if you make the choice to do something bad, you have to be able to live with the consequences. It's just life. both will be fine without internet. I promise.

Dear Passion Planner,
You came in today!!! I can't wait to review you and then give you away to someone who really wants to start fun!

Dear Blog & Youtube Friends,
Thank you guys for coming back and sharing our lives with us. I feel like I the best subscribers and followers ever. The emails that come in and comments left, just remind me that there is actually some good in this world still. I hope you guys have a beautiful and blessed Friday. Stay tuned for a new video popping up soon!