Friday Letters

Friday, February 6, 2015

Dear God,  It's been a pretty good week and I believe it has been from your grace. I feel like we are getting more settled in to our our spirituality, our lives, and our relationships. So far you have allowed us to experience this life and I just hope I have a lot more time to spend with my kids and family.

Dear Day, I have really accomplished a lot so far....thanks to waking up early and sticking to a schedule. Thank you for working out good for me! 

Dear Trader Joes, I have finally decided to try you out this Sunday. I talked Scott into taking me and I sure hope I don't regret it. Time to try something new. 

Dear You know who, We were so happy about hearing what you had to say. We love and as we have said for a long time, we want you safe and happy. See ya in a couple weeks. 

Dear  Bobbi Christina, I feel so bad for you and your family. I can't imagine what they are going through. However, I think you are with your mom which is probably what you needed most. I hope where ever you are, you are now at peace and comfortable. 

Dear Jackson, I am sure you are one happy boy with today being Friday! I am so happy you are trying harder in school. Education is truly your freedom.  I love you with all my ♥

Dear  Mom, I love and miss you! We will have to catch up sometime soon. 

Dear Cooper, I love how you have been jumping up on the couch more. NOT! I am just trying to be a good doggie mom and let you be comfortable but you do not really belong on the furniture! 

Dear House,We have slowly been imporoving things around here. Your so much to keep up with but I promise to get the nasty garage cleaned on a warm day. I know it needs it. 

Dear Laci, The view from your room is amazing. I totally wish I was there with you! Have fun and be safe! I love you. ♥

Dear Jordan, We miss you. I miss you and hope your doing ok. Get up the courage up to call and talk to me. I love you. 

Dear Planner, It's so much fun setting you up. I am so happy to be starting a new planner and a new, well maybe not new but a different more streamlined way of planning. So exciting! 

Dear TMZ, You seriously get too much of my time. I don't know if I will ever be able to break up with you. 

Dear  Weather, I don't have anything nice to say to you right now. I think we all need a break and some warm weather. Please let spring come.  
Dear Brittany, You know how much I love you. Please be a young lady with manners. I know it's more fun to act like a silly kid but you are growing up and you need high standards and manners. I miss you. 

Dear American Idol, I have totally been loving the music flowing in through the tv on Wednesday and Thursdays. I think music just has a way of lifting you up no matter how it is coming to your ears. 

Dear Tea, I love you but I think I love coffee more
Dear Scott, I really hope you don't have to work late. I hate it. Come home! I love you.

Dear Jane Austin, I have been loving the films made from your books here lately. I bet you never imagined how your books would carry on for so long. I hope from the other side you can watch some of the movies made in hour because they are amazing and I love them. 
Dear Romeo, Your kitty cat butt totally needs a bath. You look scruffy. I know you are going to be mad at me for days but your probably moments away from getting a big bath. :)

Dear Earrings, I really love you. Diamond studs are perfect because I can leave you in all the time and they look great with everything! I should have mentioned you in my favorite videos. 

Dear Shanna, I'm so happy things went well on your trip. We all love and support you and I think many of us were there with you that day. I trust you so much. 
Dear Youtube, I think I have finally caught up! I already have tomorrows video up and with any luck I will be able to stay on schedule. :) I like being a couple days ahead but it never lasts for long. 
Dear Dinner, I seriously need to get you done soon. We have plenty for left overs so I might skip it...not sure yet. I am sure the boys will want me to cook though. 
Dear Blog & Youtube Friends, Everyday I am touched by your comments and emails. Thank you guys for coming by and sharing in our lives. You all make all this so worth it. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend.