Tuesday Talk & Truths.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Happy Tuesday friends! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I am back with another edition of Tuesday Talk & Truths. Hope you enjoy. You can always join in.. just leave me a link in the comments so I can come visit you and your Tuesday Talk & Truths blog post.

* I was up too late again last night. I have no idea what is going on with my body but it just doesn't seem to want much sleep anymore. And I am working in bed right now. Why not!?

* My mom met my daughters boyfriend last night. The problem is she is 13 years old! I am so not ok with it. I am not ready for this next era of parenting teenagers.

* Scott and I didn't talk much yesterday or even see each other. He was only home for a short time before he got in the shower and crawled into bed. I miss him.

* The touch pad on this laptop is acting up again. I swear this thing has a mind of it's own. Thank goodness for external ones you can use. I just know this laptop is going to die any day now. It's coming.

* I can't stay in bed forever. I have tons to get done today and tonight being we are leaving tomorrow. I am not happy at all about going but we have to. It's a very long car ride there to stay one night and come right back. Its going to exhaust us. I just want to get it over with.

* I heard a water tip for non water drinkers like myself that I have been trying to stick to. For many of us its hard to drink a lot of water at once especially if your not use to it anyway. So the tip is...every 90 minutes have a drink of water. Just a drink, not an entire bottle. Its been doable and the past couple of days I have had more water than what I have had in a month.

* This sad story reminds me that yep.... mom was right. Never fall asleep with gum in your mouth. I have come to realize that mom has been right more than she has been wrong.

* Jackson told me last night that I don't need to get his clothes out for school any longer and I don't have to get his breakfast out either. He can do it on his own now at 12 years old. It kinda broke my heart.

*  This cold dry weather has been awful to my skin. My hands feel drier than ever. Time to break out the heavy duty lotion.

* I bet you guys didn't know I once had a beautiful snow globe collection in my early 20's. I probably had about 15 and in one night a crazy ex boyfriend broke them all in a fit of rage. How sad huh? I had a bunch of elephant figurines too that also got broken. I think its time to start collecting them again and changing that bad memory into a good one. Yea.. maybe I will do that. I actually miss shaking them around and seeing the snow fall. Scott will get me more if I want them...I'm sure of it.

* I was planning on cleaning my desk last night but never got that checked off my to do list. I am going to try to get that done today...just add it to the list.

* I don't know if I am getting sick or what but I have been having the most awful body aches. Maybe it's a sign that I need a massage. I bet Scott could use one too.

* I love the warmer weather today. I have the sliding glass door open and the kitty cats are loving it.

* Did any of you guys watch the Lifetime Whitney movie that aired last night? I love how they painted her the only one with the drug habit. Yea..right. We all know Bobby Brown was snorting as much cocaine as she did. Wonder if he helped produce the movie since it portrays him in such a better light than it did her. It's still sad that she's gone.

* Jackson has been having the hardest time getting up in the mornings no matter what time we get him in bed. I am worried that we are moving into the teenage years with him just was we are Brittany. And lets face it - I am certainly not a morning person myself!

* I have to iron clothes tonight for court. I hate ironing and normally Scott does it for us all but he's going to be tired tonight and we have such a long drive tomorrow that I doubt he is going to feel like it. So I guess I just need to add it to my ever growing to do list.

* All the coffee I drink really stains my teeth which I hate. I don't want to drink coffee with a straw but I don't want to whiten them all the time because it hurts my teeth. What gives? I am not giving up the coffee. No how.. no way.

* One of my friend is about to take an out of the country trip which is flipping a lot of people out. I could seriously right a book on his life and it would be a page turner for sure. One of my best friends is not happy about it either. Right now we don't even know if he's coming back but hopefully he will and all the worrying will be for nothing. I'll keep you guys posted.

* I need to pick up a new bottle of wine to try. I rarely drink but a fresh white wine sounds pretty good right now.

* I am totally addicted to Reign. YEP! Its a series on CW that comes back on the 22nd at 9pm. I can't wait. But we will be driving home during that time so I guess I better set up the DVR's!

* I have a lot to do today. I have taken breaks writing this post to do other things. I edited a new video that will be up a little later. I am about to pre record another video for when we are gone and I still have to pack, clean and talk to the housesitter. Plus get something cooked for dinner. I'll be back a little later with that video and hopefully, I can somewhat keep up with my posting schedule the next few days while we away. Fingers crossed I get it all done! Wish me luck! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed evening.