Friday Letters

Friday, January 9, 2015
Hello everyone. I hope you are having a wonderful evening. Its been busy around here. I have been running all over town on this very cold day. I am finally happy to be home and sharing Friday letters. Hope you enjoy. 


Dear God, I am really hoping that you are working your miracles because I am not understanding a lot right now. Please hear my prayers.
Dear Day, the funnest thing about you so far is walking around Office Depot listening to a guy sing along to Bonjovi I will Die for you. Remember that song!? He was singing right along and it totally made me giggle. I needed that.
Dear Zane, I am so sorry for how things have turned out. For a second, I thought about not coming but I want to at least try to speak to you. It will be ok. I promise.
Dear Yosemite Climbers, You guys are totally amazing. I would be so afraid but your tents and vertical life are crazy. I hope you both reach the top very soon!
Dear Pedicure, while I totally enjoyed you, my legs and feet have yet to warmed up. I should have remembered why I don't like winter pedis. I have fuzzy socks on right now and it's not even helping.
Dear House, last night I was upset and skipped my nightly routine and then I skipped my morning routine and you are a total mess. Tonight I am working on quick cleaning. Yea. fun.
Dear Romeo, I would do anything for you. You are the best kitty cat on the planet. Don't let anyone tell you different!
Dear Terrorists, You will not break us. It will not be your way. Our God does not want us killing is his name. Your God does not want that either. Still one to find...she can't run far enough. No country deserves your evil.
Dear Firewood Guy, thanks for bringing the wood tonight. I will not be helping though. It's too cold. :)
Dear Brittany, You have no idea how much I love and miss you. Remember you can do anything so go cure cancer, or go write a book, do something big with your life. You have more potential than what you realize.
Dear Big City, I am so not made for you. Too many cars and too many distractions. But I did go to Office Depot which was nice.
Dear Shanna, You have been next to impossible to get on the phone today.  guess you have been as busy as I have today. Talk to you tonight.
Dear Phone, you are so dead. I wish you would just turn on.
Dear Home Binder, I am working hard on putting you together. I hope this is the year that you will make a difference in my life.
Dear Trina, Thank you for always listening and helping out in anyway you can. We love you.
Dear Fireplace, you sure do help keep things warm around here and I could appreciate it more. It's freezing here.
Dear Mitt Romney, please don't run again. Just don't do it.
Dear Dinner, I have abandoned the idea of cooking so I think we are going to have pizza and wings delivered. Sounds like a plan.
Dear xbox, you entertain my son more than you should. Maybe I should make better limits with it for Jackson. I am sure he wouldn't appreciate it.
Dear Mom, what have you been up to. We need to catch up. I love you.
Dear CNN, when something crazy is going on, I am so obsessed with you. Gosh... I need a break.
Dear Highway, I seriously had some terrifying moments today. When will it get easier?
Dear Laci, I hope with your new schedule starting Monday, we will have more time to chat! I miss you.
Dear Cooper, we have gotten away from your workouts. We really need to start it back up.
Dear Body, you feel so wore out. I am going to put some advil in you, drink some coffee and hope that we can get through the night. I need you to feel better.
Dear Youtube/Blog friends, Thank you so much for being my inspiration and as I said in this video, your my village. Your comments and emails have really helped both Scott and myself during this complicated time. Thank you so much. ♥

I hope you guys are all staying warm and have a great weekend! I'll be back with a video in a bit. Come back!