Friday Letters

Friday, January 16, 2015
Happy Friday friends! I hope you are having a great day. I am back with another edition of Friday letters. Hope you enjoy!

Dear God, thank you helping our family in everything way. We are a total mess sometimes and we need you to keep loving us and leading us down the right path. We are really going to need your help next week in Louisiana. Please hear my prayers and have your way within me.

Dear Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish, did you really have to be so good. I'm obsessed.

Dear Body, you hurt last night which is just a reminder of getting older. Could you please go back to sleeping again? I don't know what the problem is but the past couple weeks, nothing has worked. I think I have to try to listen and understand you more.

Dear Grandma, mom said you looked great yesterday! That makes me so happy to hear. I miss and love you.

Dear Shanna, you were so funny last night on the phone. :) I know we both were exhausted but you made me giggle a ton.

Dear Jordan, I miss you I wish you would call. We all wonder what life would be like with you around....we have been waiting forever it seems. And guess what? Email works too. We all love you. Oh, you don't have to pull it down every time someone visits. We are not here to hurt you. I wish you would take it down because you knew it was the right thing to do not just to protect yourself.

Dear Dishwasher, I had no idea I was packing you wrong. If you use a dishwasher, you might want to check out this article for some tips. I don't know if the following that way will work, but I will sure try it out.

Dear Skin, not sure what is going on with you. Something happened that you didn't like.

Dear Brittany, I am still not happy with what you said. And saying " I didn't say that " after the fact only makes you look crazy. My ears were not lying to me. I still love you of course but I don't love what you said.

Dear Laci, I have a feeling you have been cheating on me at 11am! I love you sis.

Dear Weather, you suck...the end.

Dear Scott, sorry if you thought I was grumpy last night. Just one of perks of not getting any sleep. I will try to be nicer tonight. Thanks for doing so much for us. I love you.

Dear Hair, I am thinking it's time to get you trimmed up again soon. God knows, I shouldn't cut it myself again.

Dear Instagram Followers, I have been having so much fun chatting with you! Thank you guys for following along. Instagram I'm glad you are enjoying the daily challenges!

Dear Zane, we all miss you. We will be seeing you in court. I am going to try to get something to you that I hope you take. I know you must be confused....and honestly I am heartbroken as is your dad and the other kids. I wish more than anything we could get you out of that mess.

Dear Post Office, we have a date this afternoon. But gotta gas up first.
Dear Cupcake, you are quickly becoming another one of my favorite kitty cats. You act just like people think cat's act... you have played hard to get but I think we are bonding more and more. You don't have to be scared in this house. Be thankful this is where you ended up. We love kitty cats!

Dear Homekeeping Book, you inspired SHANNA to start a book! Yea!!! I can't wait to share you with everyone.

Dear Coffee, you taste really good today. Really Really Good. And Scott thinks the electric coffee pot coffee taste better than the French Press. Yea, he's crazy.

Dear Mom, glad things are going well for you up in Indiana. I wish we could be there together. Don't forget to give your mom a kiss from me. And be careful driving around.

Dear Jackson, I am getting good and tired of your picky eating. I should not have to cook more than one dinner each night. You need to try some new things and not hate everything that is not a cheeseburger or taco. I'm sorry if I was grumpy last night. I love you.

Dear Louisiana, I have never liked you. Never. I am not happy we have to come down there. I am not happy that our son was abused there. I am not happy that we have to go to court there. Nothing about you makes me happy. I wish we could just pick up Zane and never look back.

Dear Friends of the Holiday Card Exchange, thank you so much for all your cards. Last night I finished them up ( except whatever might be in the PO Box ) and mailing them tomorrow. Thank you so much if you participated. I got over 120 cards from blog, instagram and youtube friends. We'll do it again next year!

Dear Laura, we miss you and the girls....along with little Roman. I hope you guys are doing good. I will call and check in on you all this weekend. Big Hugs.

Dear American Idol, you have totally kicked ass so far! Tons of great talent.

Dear Trina, I wish we were closer. I thought you were ready to pack up everyone and head down here! Come on!! :) I love you.

Dear Chris Brown, looks like your screwed. I don't know how many times you are going to blow your get out of jail free cards. I think you still have some major lessons to learn and I guess you will be learning it from behind bars.

Dear The View, Idk but I hope you stay on. I don't always like the show but I am kinda use to it at this point.

Dear Makeup, I am giving you a total overhaul. I mean total.

Dear Blog & Youtube friends, I am always so shocked at the ideas you give me. The wonderful advice you share. You guys seriously know how to make a girl feel loved. I hope if you are new here, you take a few seconds to subscribe so you don't miss any new videos. I really couldn't do this without all your love and support. Happy Friday. :)