DITL Vlog: January 12-15, 2015 | Everyday Life |

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hello friends! Happy Thursday to you all. I am back with a new day in the life vlog for the last 3 days. This new format is giving you guys one extra vlog a week. On Monday's I post a vlog from Friday, Saturday & Sunday. And then on Thursday's I post a vlog that shows you Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I hope that makes sense!

Here's what went on around here the past few days...hope you enjoy!

So you can see there was a ton that went on around here the past few days, just everyday life kind of stuff. I am having such a hard tine today staying awake. I didn't sleep much last night so today has been super long already and I woke up exhausted. Go figure right!? Hopefully all the coffee will start to work soon! :) I really want to get something done today besides yawing. If you are new here, follow along so you don't miss any new videos!